September is here! Break out the sweaters! Ok...maybe don't break out the sweaters just yet, give summer a chance to cool down. Here in Louisiana, we get horrid humid heat. You actual sauna. It sucks, especially with masks. At least my face hasn't broken out as much due to me figuring out my skin … Continue reading September


I have always been a big big fan of the Hygge lifestyle. I try to mix it in with a little minimalism. I used to be a huge advocate of the minimalistic lifestyle in my younger twenties. But I could never QUITE feel comfortable with going all out. And believe it or not, I figured … Continue reading Hygge

14dpo: Not Ok

I’m now 3 days late. my blood test said my HCG was 2. So that’s a super negative. What gives?? Where’s my period?? I read about “Cryptic Pregnancies” and wondered. I hate jumping to new ideas. I spiral and overthink. Something is off. I hate it. I deleted all the information places. No more Facebook … Continue reading 14dpo: Not Ok