Comfort Weight

I’m not exactly sure what the definition of comfort weight is universally, but for me it’s when I get happy and lazy.

When Daniel and I began dating almost two years ago, I weighed about 10lbs less than I do now. Even though I’m still technically BMI fine, I’m borderline not.

BMI is that Body Mass Index that gives you an idea of your ideal weight for your height. And just because you weigh borderline to the overweight section doesn’t mean you’re actually approaching overweight. That’s one thing a definitely despise about that stupid BMI scale. It’s only an idea, but visually it can be stressful.

I’ve recently decided to begin losing weight and being a bit healthier. Ok…recently decided is a bit of a stretch. I admit, I always want to lose weight. It’s a problem of mine…but this time I’m so serious that I got the MyFitnessPal app and have been doing workouts from YouTube as much as I can between mothering and school work, and more recently, blogging.

I’m going to update my weight loss journey on here and let everyone know what I’m doing to help me get into shape. I’m a no-bs kinda gal when it comes to health, so I’ll talk about all the hard hunger hardships and such. A truth weight loss, so to say.

So what’s my goal? 118lbs! And realistically, I don’t expect to be here in a few months. That’s about 17lbs from where I’m at now. That’s a lot to lose considering I’m not that big now. The smaller you are, the slower weight loss becomes. That’s because you don’t have a lot to lose.

I also realize that changing up my lifestyle to lose this weight needs to be permanent in order to keep the weight off. This is a big mistake people make when going on a “diet”. You don’t go on a diet, you change your diet. I normally say “I’m changing my eating habits” because that word diet has lost its meaning when it comes to losing weight and being healthier.

I guess I need a picture to show my 5’2 135lbs self.

Don’t mind the stretch marks, I was pregnant once! 🐯

I chose these clothes because the sports bra used to fit pretty decently but now it squeezes too uncomfortably. And these sports shorts always squeeze, so you can see my love handles pretty well.

I’ll stay consistent to the clothes and poses. I don’t like when people have lost weight in a small amount of time but they’re wearing different clothes and/or doing posses that obviously make them look smaller in the after picture…or bigger in the before pictures.

Alright! I’ll keep ya updated! Stay tuned. I’ll update every Friday about it!

3 thoughts on “Comfort Weight

  1. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people “go on diets”. It’s so trendy and short lived, not to mention most these “diets” people tell me about are unhealthy avenues to weight loss that aren’t good long term. I agree with you- change your eating HABITS! Most the time it’s just getting back to what humans have been eating for thousands of years! Cut out the processed junk and sugary nonsense!


    1. Easier said then done. Especially with all the holidays! Why do we have so many holidays!? i♥SWEETS! I’ve actually learned how to make my own chocolate and I’ve been doing a great job not giving into the tempting sweets.

      Every time I want to eat healthy I hear about how bad eating certain foods that are considered healthy are bad for you. It’s almost like the only safe foods these days is grilled chicken plain with a side of beans. So difficult. lol


      1. That’s very true! I think it’s all about appropriate balance. I think a lot of people feel like when they eat “healthy” it’s a deviation from what’s normal, when it should be the other way around. We can enjoy sweets, guilty pleasures, etc; however, THOSE should be the deviations!

        Lara and I cook a lot of healthy soups! It’s easy to keep healthy, but still be able to pack it full of flavor! This is one of our favs:


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