A Week of Doctors

I never enjoyed going to the doctor. This past year I feel like it’s almost a place I go to on the regular.

Isla has a stye on her right eye that came up on New Years (Happy New Year, Isla!). After visiting a walk-in clinic that I wasn’t very impressed with, we did drops and some warm compresses. It hasn’t really done much to help. Nathan and I finally made an official doctor’s appointment at her regular doctor. Why we hadn’t done this sooner is because we were hoping it would go away on its own. Plus she needed her 4 year vaccinations and decided we could knock out two birds with one stone.

Doc said that she suggests we continue the drops in both eyes for a week, and continue warm compresses, then be seen again in a week. If it hasn’t improved any by then, she suggests we see an eye doctor. She also gave us medicine for Isla’s sinuses (I spilt half of it this morning on us…for shame. And yes, I ‘spilt’ it. Meye southurn aksint lol).

The next day was vaccine time. Boo. Nathan Facetimed Isla for this one (He’s been out of town), because he hates when she gets these. And lord, the moment this child saw that needle she was screaming! I had to hold her tightly. She screamed and cried and turned red. My poor baby. 10 minutes later, she’s all happy like nothing happened.

They suggested giving her Tylenol for a couple of days, but I can’t remember if Tylenol is safe with her sinus medicine. I’ll need to do some googling before I decide to make my baby take another dose of medicine daily.

That was Tuesday and Wednesday. Today was my turn. I have a weird excruciating pain in my shoulder that has been hanging around for about 3 years. In both lovely shoulders. I didn’t go to a doctor until after being with Daniel and him suggesting for about a year to go to a doctor about it and my anxiety. I finally gave in and decided to do my doctor homework and get myself fixed. I hadn’t been to a doctor since I gave birth to Isla, and before being pregnant, it had been since junior high…. maybe?

That doctor visit was super nice. I got on anxiety medication for the first time in my anxious life, and I got an x-ray on my shoulders. The x-ray came back fine. Then I saw the orthopedic. It’s been a battle from there.
Today, I got my 4th steroid shot. I start PT soon.

I have to make the appointment for Isla on Tuesday next week, and hopefully I don’t have a streak of doctor visits again for a little while. The shots normally keep the pain away for a little over a month. Hopefully, I get into PT before the pain starts back up.

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