Update: Comfort Weight 3/1

I get nervous before stepping on the scale on Friday mornings. I’m afraid I’ll see a weight gain or no change at all. So it makes me happy to see progress! I’m down another pound! I’m now evenly at 132lbs.

I found it a bit surprising because I ate out so much this week.

What I’ve been doing with eating out is only eating about half of my meal and then eating the rest at home later. I don’t normally eat anything other than what I’ve eaten at a restaurant for the rest of the day. Depending. If I eat something small then I’ll eat a little something at home later.

It may seem like that’s a little extreme. But it’s honestly not so bad. Only one day this week I was really hungry, and I didn’t hold back. I ate all day. My tummy was hurting so bad with hunger. I’m not sure why I was feeling that way.

I haven’t been exercising much this week either. I’ve been distracted.

I haven’t been weighing myself as much during the week. It’s hard to stay off the scale, but I want to break the habit of doing that. So, I weigh on Wednesday’s and Fridays only.

Alright. I have an overly active child at the moment, so I need to go before my stress level rises too much with trying to write and pay attention to Isla being a zombie with a magic wand. And apparently there’s a hoard of zombies outside, so I need to keep us safe.

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