Diary Entry: Lent!

As much time as I have had to think about what I ought to give up for Lent you would think I would be prepared. But I’m not. I have one day left and I’m still waiting for the right thing to pop into my head.

Many people give up social media or some sort of food. But I can’t bring myself to give up social media, because I hardly am on the thing anyways. But now that I’m trying to be more active on it so I can try and make it into a job, I don’t think I need to give it up. If I really wanted to, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge for me anyways.

As for food…. I have done this before in an extreme way. I gave up meat for the whole 40 days. It was my first lent and I wanted to make it hard on myself so I could experience fasting in all its glory…. if that makes any sense. But fasting from a food was simpler then because I wasn’t at a weight I don’t like…so there wasn’t any ulterior motive.

Last Lent I gave up sweets with the intent for it to help me be healthier and hopefully lose weight. It didn’t make me feel proud of myself, but I stuck with it till the end (and I will admit that it was a big struggle for me). I promised myself I would do something this year that will give me the full impact I desire. Understanding that I can live without something and sacrifice anything for God without any ulterior motives.

I have so much I could give up, but there is so much I need for school that I also enjoy. For example….reading. But I have to read for class. I could tweak it to reading for pleasure…. but all reading is pleasurable to me. I don’t want to give up any foods because I want to lose weight. So I thought maybe I would like to give up talking about my weight for 40 days…. but I need to continue my Friday updates.

I want to give up something I love. Something that isn’t a sin. I want to go to adoration tomorrow and pray about it. God would know exactly what I should sacrifice.

Speaking of adoration.

I have decided that I will go to adoration once a week, and I will also pray a certain prayer every night. For almsgiving, I may use social media to my advantage. I’ll share a quote or prayer every morning on Facebook when I wake up.

If you’re not Catholic or religious and are curious about Lent I’ll share with you really fast. Lent is for Fasting, Praying, and Almsgiving. It’s a time of renewing ourselves and our faith. Like a spiritual spring cleaning.

It’s my favorite time of year because it gives a meaning to every waking moment. You have to be aware of yourself and constantly thinking about God. Then Easter comes and the Mass is so beautiful!! And if you’re fasting from a food….feasting is glorious.

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