Diary Entry: Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday

I’m a Louisiana girl, living in a Louisiana world. Yet I’ve never been to a Nawlins Mardi Gras parade.

Fat Tuesday! Today is Fat Tuesday because tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. Us Catholics fast all day tomorrow! It’s one of the two days we fast fast. Fast fast meaning we don’t eat (or if you choose to, you eat 1/4 -or something- of your normal portions). So today, we feast!

Because it’s the last day before lent…so we make ourselves fat by enjoying the last day before the 40 days of fasting. FAT Tuesday. Get it?

Anyways, I have no real interest in the Mardi Gras parade, but I am curious about the celebration. I’m from North Louisiana. Here, us Catholics aren’t as abundant as down south. So Mardi Gras is not celebrated on Fat Tuesday, but rather a random Saturday (two weeks ago for us). The parade here is cool. It’s a great night with friends. A great way to restock on cups. We have King Cake and the like.

I think some people do crawfish too. I’m not a fan of crawfish, mostly because they make my stomach hurt and kill me a lot like lobster does because I’m allergic to the two red crustaceans…the two wonderfully delicious crustaceans…..

I don’t think I’ll be doing anything special today. Just homework. I have a lot I need to do while I’m on break. And then a trip to adoration if I find someone to watch Isla for me.

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