Soccer Mom

I never realized how proud I would feel seeing my daughter kicking a soccer ball with other kids. I feel proud of myself for giving her this opportunity to have fun and see her feel proud of herself.

She’s grown so much! It’s such a weird feeling to see her old enough to be part of a (kinda) team!

She’s on the younger team, and technically they aren’t a team team. They’re learning the ways of soccer. It’s funny seeing so many kids with a small understanding of what is really going on but enjoying it so much.

I’m hoping being in soccer helps calm Isla down some. She’s very strong minded and demanding. Hopefully, this teaches her some discipline that I can’t seem to get through to her.

I know she’s just a four year old girl, and four year old girls are supposed to be sassy and mean…but I swear my girl is going to be a mean girl if I don’t do something.

She’s got attitude! For example, she cried the first day of practice because she didn’t want to wear a jersey and put her hair in a ponytail. She only likes wearing dresses because she thinks a shirt and jeans with a pony tail makes her look like a boy…I don’t know wear she got this idea from…we tell her we think she looks beautiful with her hair up, and that jeans are normal and all girls wear them.

Nope. She thinks the other kids will judge her.

But she seemed to have gotten over the jersey and pony tail now. She’s accepted it. And that is one big step for us!

Her feet have grown since we bought the cleats, and now she can’t wear them with the shin guards. We bought new cleats yesterday. She’s growing so fast!! She’s taller than the other kids in her group! It’s crazy!!

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