Update: Ar-Kansas

Hey! I haven’t gone away, just to a place with little signal. I’m with a school group in Arkansas. We’re currently tracing to go dig up some stuff – cause science.

While I’m in the vehicle, I might as well blog. I can’t promise this blog will be without typos, because 1. I’m not going to checking my work. 2. Even when I check my work I still look over typos. So please bare with me.

Hopefully I won’t have much school work to do this week. Which means a can blog as I normally do. Sporadically, but at least three times a week.

We were told we would have WiFi, but because we have no signal, we can’t connect to anything unless we’re outside. Maybe I’ll have a couple of free hours to get on my Chromebook and get a more serious post up here and read most of your posts!

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