I went to the doctor, yesterday. I have had some issues with anxiety, but I never felt the need to go until Daniel recommended it. I lied about the severity of my anxiety to the doctor, because I really didn't want to sound crazy. I have pure-o. It's like OCD but all in your head. … Continue reading Anxiety

Paranormal Investigation at the Logan Mansion

Here it is! This past Saturday, the science club participated in a paranormal investigation at the Logan Mansion in Shreveport, LA. The history behind the haunting is that this little girl fell out of one of the windows and died. No one knows who she was, which I found odd. The paranormal team we investigated … Continue reading Paranormal Investigation at the Logan Mansion

University vs Community College

I've been a student at both a university and a community college. Even though I first trod the university grounds at age 18, I decided to quit school and pursue bigger dreams, like moving away and experiencing life after high school without tangling myself in debt as soon as I became legally an adult. Something … Continue reading University vs Community College