Update: Comfort Weight

It has been a couple of weeks since I updated on my wait. It hasn’t changed much, but some other things did. Due to health reasons, I had to start eating more than 1k calories a day as recommended by my doctor. My weight was fine, but my nutrients wasn’t enough for certain chemicals in my body to produce the right chemicals for other things. I would explain more, but it’s a bit TMI and involves female bits that I’m not incredibly ok with talking about publicly.

My extremely low vitamin D is also going to play a role on my eating habits. I’m gonna start eating more things with high amounts of vitamin D in it, along with less gluten. And I’ll be exercising more.

Gonna be honest, I’m not looking forward for this change, but I think it’ll be for the best for my mental and physical health! HEALTH!! I’ll probably end up:



Arm strengthening





Anything that causes me to move more often. I used to be very active, but I have gotten out of the habit after getting into university. I suppose all the work that goes into studying and homework causes that Freshmen 15! I’ll have to somehow incorporate Isla in all this moving since I won’t have daycare during the summer. I might need to have Nathan keep Isla everyday he’s off so I don’t go crazy.

Diary Entry: Anxiety

I went to the doctor, yesterday. I have had some issues with anxiety, but I never felt the need to go until Daniel recommended it. I lied about the severity of my anxiety to the doctor, because I really didn’t want to sound crazy. I have pure-o. It’s like OCD but all in your head. And it is not something I enjoy describing to people.

I got on a small amount of anxiety medication for my “test anxiety” (which I do have as well) and that little bit of extra serotonin really helped me out. I was feeling pretty good. Better than I had in a long while. I also had to start taking Vitamin D because I lack it apparently. Did you know a lack of VD can cause anxiety problems?!

Well, my 6 months of using the pills were coming to an end, and so was that easiness. I had to space the pills out so I could ease myself off them. And it was not going well. Daniel said that he could see me going back to the old anxious ways and recommended I talk SERIOUSLY with my doctor about what all is REALLY going on. So, I did.

I explained to my doctor yesterday that I think I have OCD, pure-o. These horrible thoughts that haunt me and I hate them and stress causes them and they cause me stress and so I get more anxious. And how coming off the medicines was causing them to start up again. I told her I’ve never actually been diagnosed but I just know that this is what’s going on. I gave her examples…which probably made me look crazy. Especially since I was panicking while talking to her about it. At least I didn’t cry. I cried about it with Daniel the first time I explained it to him. I hate talking about it!

Afterwards, she brought in a counselor to speak with me. And…I have been diagnosed with severe anxiety.

The counselor was super sweet and told me her story. She gave me some calming techniques. I got my prescriptions refilled. And got some lab work done. My VD is still low, so I have to take 50mcg a day. Opposed to 25mcg.

I need to get out more and go walking.

—The thoughts I have are not always a problem for me. I can dismiss them sometimes like a normal human, but other times I let them eat me alive. They’re like lil episodes. Some worse than others. Some episodes last months, some last days. If I’m not having an episode, then I’m not having the thoughts at all. It just depends on how much stress I’m experiencing. And University has kicked my butt. So just note…it’s not an everyday thing. The regular anxiety tends to be, though.—

Paranormal Investigation at the Logan Mansion

Here it is! This past Saturday, the science club participated in a paranormal investigation at the Logan Mansion in Shreveport, LA. The history behind the haunting is that this little girl fell out of one of the windows and died. No one knows who she was, which I found odd. The paranormal team we investigated with have caught evidence before in the form of an EVP. A girl is saying “You can’t go up there” while one of the investigators is going up the stairs. You can visit the Logan Mansion and hear this EVP for yourself. There is more to the Logan Mansion, and if you would like to know more about it then you can visit their website.

There didn’t seem to be much going on ghost wise while we were there. I filmed a bit and audio recorded some. I put that all in a video.

Despite the small amount of ghostly evidence, the trip was really fun! It was amazing being inside such an old house (with no hallways). I do have a couple of photos to share that could be questionable. Take a look!

In the left photo: top right. There seems to be a little smokey spot. In the right photo: mid far left. There looks to be an orby thing.

We had a great time do this! I ended up being the scardy cat. For some reason everything was making me jump. Probably because I was in such a big unfamiliar house with spooks at every corner. By spooks I mean Denny. He got me every time. There was also a room of hats and dress up things….so, we got carried away with those.

University vs Community College

I’ve been a student at both a university and a community college. Even though I first trod the university grounds at age 18, I decided to quit school and pursue bigger dreams, like moving away and experiencing life after high school without tangling myself in debt as soon as I became legally an adult. Something about starting adulthood with money problems did not sound very appealing to me.

Five years later, at the sweet age of 23, I decided it was time, for reasons I have stated in Single College Mom (go read that if you wish to understand). Because 18 year old me was brilliant and didn’t expect to ever go back to college, I had left university without dropping and came out with a beautiful 0.71 GPA. The university put an academic hold on my account and banded me from the school until my GPA was raised.

In a world wind of anxiety, I googled how to raise a GPA when a school no longer accepted you. I quickly came up with the only way of not moving out of state. Community college.

I was quick to sign myself up for the school and track all the classes I needed, how I could graduate fast, and transfer to university and begin Atmospheric Science. I began quick and hard. And for a year and a half, I was schooled in community college. I transfered to the university and have been there for two semester.

Granted, I only have experience with my towns community college and university, but this is what I have learned about the two.

Family Friendliness-

University: Universities do typically have a daycare center, far off campus, but unless your studies are online, university is not idle for parents. The amount of homework and self studying is tedious and will require a lot of your focus and may take away from family time.

pros: Daycare center.

Cons: A lot of time is spent doing school work.

Community College: Community college seems to be built for parents. The have a daycare in the same building as you. Online and in class studies require minimal focus outside of class times, so having a balance for your schooling and family time is easily doable.

pros: daycare center. Located within five minutes of you. Less time on school work.

cons: Is there one?


University: There are so many people in university classes. It’s easy to be invisible in such large groups. And so it is also possible to never gain a relationship with your teacher unless you actively seek them out. To your teacher, you might just be another number or just a kid.

pros: Shy person’s heaven. Easy to watch Netflix.

cons: Antisocial nightmare.

Community College: With smaller classes, it’s easy to get to know your classmates and teachers. You are almost forced to gain a relationship with your peers and teachers. This makes getting to know your teachers easier. In return, teachers get to know you and will associate you as a real adult.

pros: Easy for people to ask questions.

cons: Shy person’s nightmare. Not Netflix friendly.


University: There are so many clubs to choose from. These clubs provide you with information and experience opportunities for your future career. You get to meet everyone in your major, and have a chance to hang out and get to know everyone you’ll be spending the rest of your four years with. There are also clubs that you can join that are not affiliated with your major where you can make other friends who share similar hobbies.

pros: Friend making. Experience building. Easy way to find information for future career.

Cons: Must dedicate time from studies and family.

Community College: Clubs are limited, though they do exist. It is harder to get information on your future career path in these clubs as everyone is most likely in a different major. It’s mostly to make friends!

pros: Friend making.

cons: No career information.


University: There is so much to do and experience. There are on campus jobs to keep you in the action. Although, if you do work, it’s not for long, and mostly evening shifts.

pros: On campus opportunities.

cons: Can’t work a lot. Evening shifts. Not likely to be excusable.

Community College: Community colleges are perfect for the working person. There are many night classes for those work in the day, along with plenty of online classes you can take. Often times, teachers will also work with you and your work schedule.

pros: Excusable. Flexible.

Cons: Not as many on campus opportunities.


University: There is so much homework! You will definitely need time to do it all. From my experience, I swear you learn most of your lessons from your homework than from your actual teachers. In fact, missing class won’t even affect you as much as not doing your homework.

pros: You can miss class in peace.

cons: A lot of out of class studying time.

Community College: What you learn is class is what you do for homework. You will learn more in the class than on your homework. Homework is like a review of the lesson to make sure you understand what is going on and ask questions about what you don’t understand.

pros: Less out of class studying time.

cons: Don’t miss class.


Univesity: pros: Lots of options. Cons: EXPENSIVE!

Community College: pro: Saves money. Cons: Less activities and class options.

I conclude saying this: If you are an adult with a family of your own, a job, or only want to take care of your business, community college is the way to go. If you’re young, don’t have a job or family of your own, or want to have a big social life, university is the way to go.

Paranormal Investigation

This isn’t something you would expect me to talk about on the Saturday before Easter, but here it is.

I’m going on a paranormal investigation tonight! I told you I like the spooky things. I may have mentioned before that it is our school’s science club going. Our logo is “We’ll try anything once.” Is paranormal investigating scientific? Maybe. If it’s done in a scientific way.

We’re going to an old place in Shreveport, LA. I’ll give out more deets about the place once the investigation is over.

I’m excited because this is the first official investigation I’ve been on that is with a legit team with scientific instruments. I used to do my own investigations with a few friends with just an emf reader and ghost box, but since I became Catholic I’ve been a little weary of the paranormal. I can’t wait to see how tonight goes!

Kid Shows Parents Can Get TOO Invested In

Being a mom means being a kid show mediator. All moms have a different opinion on what their child should watch, but in my opinion, what gets watch highly depends on your child. Children are into different things, just like us adults. Some things I find Isla watching, I will immediately turn it off. Others, I get heavily invested in.

Here are my top 5 picks for kid shows parents can enjoy too!

5. Mia and Me

Mia and Me is about a 12 girl named Mia who gets sent to a prestigious boarding school after her parents die. Her aunt gives her a game her dad made before he died called “The Legend of Centopia” . This book ends up allowing Mia to travel between the real world and a cartoon world where unicorns and fairies exist.

This show has less to be invested in then the next ones on my list, but it is still interesting nonetheless. It provides enough entertainment for my daughter to sit through an episode. It has enough serious content to provide a good idea on how to handle situations and make mature decisions when you’re on your own.

4. Troll Hunters

Troll Hunters is about a high schooler named Jim who gets called to be the next troll hunter. The thing is….He’s the first HUMAN troll hunter.

I love this show! The characters are so likable, and not in an annoying way. What’s best is that it teaches children to trust their parents, no matter what, as Jim and his friends have to eventually involve their parents. It also teaches parents that we have to trust our kids to protect themselves, and that sometimes, we can’t help.

Photo source from Syfy!

3. Barbie: Life in the Dream House

LITDH does not really follow a story line. This show is so unique. Barbie and her friends living in the dream house having wacky adventures as plastic dolls in a fake world. They break the fourth wall, and kind of act like their on a documentary at times. If you loved playing with dolls or action figures as a kid, you will adore this show! It is comedic for everyone! Even my dad loves this show.

Found this photo on Medium, explaining why it’s their guilty pleasure!

2. Miraculous: The tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

Miraculous is about a girl named Marinette and a boy she has a crush on named Adrien. They become the super heroes of Paris when they are given miraculouses that transform them into Ladybug and Cat Noir. They have to defeat the villainous Hawkmoth, who can make people evil with his moth creatures called Akumas. Hawkmoth has one goal, and that is to get Ladybug’s and Cat Noir’s miraculouses.

They show is so much fun. There is a weird romantic circle with Adrien and Marinette. Marinette loves Adrien, but Adrien loves Ladybug. The show revolves around their love, but doesn’t forget to remind you why they’re super heroes to begin with. The secrets of Hawkmoth will shock you! I am super invested in this show.

Picture from the Miraculous Ladybug Fandom wiki. It is not mine.

1. Spirit: Riding Free

Spirit is the number one show I would recommend for all parents! Spirit: Riding Free is slightly based off the movie Spirit. I remember watching Spirit in theaters when I was 9 years old! I loved that movie! When I say this show is based off Spirit, please remember it is not Spirit. Personally, I can’t remember Spirit that much, as it has been YEARS since I saw the movie, and Spirit: Riding Free did not disappoint me at all. The show is about a girl named “Lucky” who has moved from the city to Miradero, a small ranch town, not long after her mom died. Lucky feels a deep connection with a horse that has been captured to be broken. She helps the mustang and calls him Spirit.

This show has the best examples of good morals. It teaches kids that communication and honesty is the soul of every kind of relationship. It doesn’t hesitate to show all of Lucky’s weaknesses and accomplishments and how she grows as a person. It is so well written in my opinion! The show is over now, as far as I know, and worth the watch with your kids!

Spirit: Riding Free. Β© Dreamworks Animation LLC, all rights reserved

I Cut My Hair

I haven’t been feeling my hair since the last time I cut it. I cut it to be slightly shorter in the back and longer in the front and still below my shoulders. It wasn’t exactly appealing… because I also didn’t want layers. I like no layers in full long hair, but shaped? Negative. It was a job well done, just not as pretty as I thought.

It’s been a couple months since then. I was waiting for it to grow out some before determining if it needed butchering it again.

And it did.

So, after I dropped Isla off at daycare, I cut my hair.

Yes, I cut my hair like a hooligan because I have deep anxieties about going to a professional. Every time I pay money for my hair to get did it ends up looking like complete poop. And I must say, since doing my own hair…I haven’t complained. Except this time.

What the hockey sticks did I do to my beautiful auburn mane! I didn’t panic. I want my hair short, so if this means chopping it all off… I’m ok with it.

But I did call my mom to tell her. And f she could help. She told me wash it and see if it looks better, because sometimes that’s all you need to do. She has a point.

πŸ§–πŸ»β€β™€οΈ So I washed my hair. Then I blow dried it.

Just want to say this….my hair is rockin!!! I did nothing but make my mane a beautiful crown! πŸ‘‘

Lola Roux

Mom started a business, and now it’s starting to pop. This is Mom’s second business, and hopefully she has enough time to get it going well. I plan to be helping out quite a bit. I’m very excited! I haven’t done much work yet. I did, however, create the Instagram and website page. I’m also now in charge of these things in anyway Mom suggest! I’m quite proud of my work. If you’re curious, I wouldn’t if you go check them out! I’m pretty sure it’s all local right now, so I apologize if you’re interested in buying anything. But if you want to support my mom in any way, please visit her tattoo shop on Etsy! There, she delivers to everyone!

Mom’s super cute unicorn bath bombs!
-They’re my favorite-