College Decisions

I know I had this want to be a librarian. And I still kind of do. But I began thinking. I have all this science under my belt. Its ridiculous. I took these Calculus classes…and for what? Because I worked so hard to throw it all away? I want to apply them in my degree plan. Not throw them to the side like I have nothing to prove. It’s a dumb reason to want to change my plan, but I spent time on it, I want to make it count.

I was checking out potential degrees at my local university, and while the only science you can get is medical or atmospheric, there is a general studies science/math degree in 2 natural sciences and 5 applied sciences.

This accounts for a lot of my classes. I’m 50% through this degree. That’s further along than my current degree in atmospheric science!

And I don’t have to take physics.

So, I think I’m just going to do the quickest thing and get my degree in general studies, then move on to get a masters. I may either get a masters in Library Science or in Geosciences.

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