I think the hardest thing about being a single parent in college is having to rely on other people for income. The guilt that plays into that is dreadful.

There are so many part-time jobs out there, but a majority of them require evening shift workers. I’m hardly a fan. I don’t have a degree yet. But I’m older than most fast food and retail workers. Bottom line, anyways. Is it too much for me to want a normal adult job to support my child without leaving her in the hands of someone else? Of all hours of the day even…

She’s at daycare during the day…I don’t want to give her away for a few hours right after we get home.

I’m feeling the pressure of having to either live frugally for the next year until I get my associates, or leave Isla again. Why does school have to take up so much of my adult life? I feel like it has been so long. I don’t even feel half way there yet…

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