Diary Entry: A Good Day

I love Daniel’s family so much. They had their reunion yesterday. This is the second one I’ve been to. It was at the same place, but it had been renovated! It was BEAUTIFUL! (We had a few hints dropped on us that it would make a good place for a reception. No doubt it would, but it’s a town over from where we would potentially get married.) It’s at an old plantation home that has been beautifully kept up with. It’s something out of a Pinterest photo…if that makes sense.

Isla got to play with Daniel’s nieces, Lily and Karli. Lily and Isla are the same age and have been smitten with each other since they met. I love that she has such a close friend in his family. (Fun fact: Isla’s two closest friends are named Lily and Lilli). After we left the reunion, we hung out with Daniel’s family for a little while. I went to the bowling alley with them later that evening, without Daniel. It was the first time in a while that I had spent time with them without Daniel also being present. He had an Auburn basketball game to watch. Daniel is an Auburn alumni, and loves sports, so he’s pretty invested in their sports. I like that he enjoys those types of things. So, I let him do his thing while I went to do mine.

At the bowling alley, we discovered that we would have been better off making reservations. I have never seen our bowling alley so packed before. It was a blackout night, apparently. It was really cool looking. Instead of waiting an hour for a lane to open, we just did the arcade. Each game is $1!! That’s so outrageous! I let Isla spend our money and enjoy her time. The only bad part was when she lost her bouncy ball after I told her not to bounce it. Her poor little face made me hate that she regretted not listening to me. We did find it, however. And bowling alley be damned if I hadn’t! Thing cost me a dollar! Should buy a bulk order of them from amazon and my own twisty machine! Save some money!

After spending everything we had, we’re back. We eat some leftovers and then head back to my place with a tired Isla. It was a good day.

This whole weekend has been good.

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