Diary Entry: I Want to Scream

Well, today was a shard of glass in my latex.

My library science teacher finally graded assignments from February. Big assignments. And told me that I failed. My grade went down 11 points. I’m pissed.

It would have been helpful had she graded these things earlier so I could have fixed the problem before failing the next one. So now I have two bold Fs.

On top of that we mysteriously had an assignment due last week that was not announced.

So yay. Late points.

Then she announces she messes up our quiz last week by putting the wrong questions from a previous book in it.

I’m about fed up with this teacher. Is it really this hard to be organized for an online class?? Now I feel stupid and dumb and I want to reassess everything in my life.

Yes. I’m a little over dramatic when something bad happens. But school is a big part of my life. My future. It’s the thing that will allow me to provide for my family. And I’m blowing it. Because of this sick excuse for a university.

I should have never attended this school.

But it’s cheap and local. Whatever. I’d rather have better professors than have idiots for teachers, poor advising, and professors who couldn’t care less about their students.

And to top off my school issues, Nathan has been acting like he isn’t obligated to respect my wishes. Like keeping psychos away from Isla. Or telling me who is around her.

Yay Monday

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