Diary Entry: 85 degrees

The weather is nice right now. We went through a lot of severe weather over the past couple of weeks, and we’ve finally reached that high pressure system, bringing with it the first signs of summer.

In Louisiana, we don’t get a winter. We get a long lasting fall that gradually warms to a spring. Spring is around for usually the entirety of March and April and then we are hit with our scorching temperatures.


Some years I can handle sweating all day. Others I cannot. The past two days I’ve already begun sweating by just standing. I look outside my window. It’s a nice day. Truly it is. A great park day. Then I see the creature of nightmares. The red wasp with its black wings…lands on my window. It’s not the only one.

Then there is evening time. The time we can all be together. Work is done for the day. But it’s not just our time. We share it with the mosquito.

And don’t forget those pestering mosquito hawks. Do they really eat mosquitos? They look like butterfly/mosquito hybrids. Where are the tree frogs and lizards and geckos? Shouldn’t they be eating these things? I guess they’ll come around when summer really gets here. Every year they have plenty of food. Ugh, and the spiders.

Freakin Louisiana….

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