Update: Comfort Weight

Alright!! I’m apparently down 10lbs now! I feel uncertain about it…because I don’t feel much smaller. I can’t tell if my new scale is just trying to make me feel good. It says I weigh 124 pounds. I tested with my feline, Espurr, who is about 6 or 7 pounds. Sure enough the scale read 7ish 8ish pounds. And to double make sure I got Isla, who isn’t exactly 40 pounds yet, to get on it. And sure enough, 38ish pounds.

So yay!! I did it! 🎉😺

How long did that take? Two months? It wasn’t even that much of a struggle. But it seemed forever! It’s crazy how losing weight can seem so hard when it really isn’t that bad.

I feel like most the weight I lost was in my upper back and waist and only a little in the tummy. In the before picture you can actually tell I had been working out for a few weeks before the picture, but. The weight was still there. Now, I haven’t exercised much at all.

The only working out I did was what I have been ordered to do from my doctor for my shoulders. All I did was count my calories!

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