I Cut My Hair

I haven’t been feeling my hair since the last time I cut it. I cut it to be slightly shorter in the back and longer in the front and still below my shoulders. It wasn’t exactly appealing… because I also didn’t want layers. I like no layers in full long hair, but shaped? Negative. It was a job well done, just not as pretty as I thought.

It’s been a couple months since then. I was waiting for it to grow out some before determining if it needed butchering it again.

And it did.

So, after I dropped Isla off at daycare, I cut my hair.

Yes, I cut my hair like a hooligan because I have deep anxieties about going to a professional. Every time I pay money for my hair to get did it ends up looking like complete poop. And I must say, since doing my own hair…I haven’t complained. Except this time.

What the hockey sticks did I do to my beautiful auburn mane! I didn’t panic. I want my hair short, so if this means chopping it all off… I’m ok with it.

But I did call my mom to tell her. And f she could help. She told me wash it and see if it looks better, because sometimes that’s all you need to do. She has a point.

🧖🏻‍♀️ So I washed my hair. Then I blow dried it.

Just want to say this….my hair is rockin!!! I did nothing but make my mane a beautiful crown! 👑

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