Paranormal Investigation

This isn’t something you would expect me to talk about on the Saturday before Easter, but here it is.

I’m going on a paranormal investigation tonight! I told you I like the spooky things. I may have mentioned before that it is our school’s science club going. Our logo is “We’ll try anything once.” Is paranormal investigating scientific? Maybe. If it’s done in a scientific way.

We’re going to an old place in Shreveport, LA. I’ll give out more deets about the place once the investigation is over.

I’m excited because this is the first official investigation I’ve been on that is with a legit team with scientific instruments. I used to do my own investigations with a few friends with just an emf reader and ghost box, but since I became Catholic I’ve been a little weary of the paranormal. I can’t wait to see how tonight goes!

3 thoughts on “Paranormal Investigation

    1. Honestly, I’m probably not going to do anything but watch how they do it. I might be more adventurous on any other day, but it does make me a bit uncomfortable with it being at the same time as the vigil.

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