Paranormal Investigation at the Logan Mansion

Here it is! This past Saturday, the science club participated in a paranormal investigation at the Logan Mansion in Shreveport, LA. The history behind the haunting is that this little girl fell out of one of the windows and died. No one knows who she was, which I found odd. The paranormal team we investigated with have caught evidence before in the form of an EVP. A girl is saying “You can’t go up there” while one of the investigators is going up the stairs. You can visit the Logan Mansion and hear this EVP for yourself. There is more to the Logan Mansion, and if you would like to know more about it then you can visit their website.

There didn’t seem to be much going on ghost wise while we were there. I filmed a bit and audio recorded some. I put that all in a video.

Despite the small amount of ghostly evidence, the trip was really fun! It was amazing being inside such an old house (with no hallways). I do have a couple of photos to share that could be questionable. Take a look!

In the left photo: top right. There seems to be a little smokey spot. In the right photo: mid far left. There looks to be an orby thing.

We had a great time do this! I ended up being the scardy cat. For some reason everything was making me jump. Probably because I was in such a big unfamiliar house with spooks at every corner. By spooks I mean Denny. He got me every time. There was also a room of hats and dress up things….so, we got carried away with those.

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