Update: Comfort Weight

Alright!! I’m apparently down 10lbs now! I feel uncertain about it…because I don’t feel much smaller. I can’t tell if my new scale is just trying to make me feel good. It says I weigh 124 pounds. I tested with my feline, Espurr, who is about 6 or 7 pounds. Sure enough the scale read 7ish 8ish pounds. And to double make sure I got Isla, who isn’t exactly 40 pounds yet, to get on it. And sure enough, 38ish pounds.

So yay!! I did it! 🎉😺

How long did that take? Two months? It wasn’t even that much of a struggle. But it seemed forever! It’s crazy how losing weight can seem so hard when it really isn’t that bad.

I feel like most the weight I lost was in my upper back and waist and only a little in the tummy. In the before picture you can actually tell I had been working out for a few weeks before the picture, but. The weight was still there. Now, I haven’t exercised much at all.

The only working out I did was what I have been ordered to do from my doctor for my shoulders. All I did was count my calories!


Today was quite productive for me. I managed to finish half of my homework. The last two things can be done once Isla goes to bed tonight. I’m glad I get this weekend for myself. It’s Nathan’s weekend.

With this library science class, I think I can officially say that this class is a poor example of true library science. It’s basically a class that makes future teachers practice writing lesson plans for book projects. One of my best friends is about to graduate in Library Science from another school. She says they have never written lesson plans and questioned why a librarian would even need to know that. I will not be taking another library course at this university, especially with lousy professors like this.

In Programming we have been working with Python. This past week we moved on to Java. I kinda like Java a little more than Python, but that may be because I learned so much using Python that I now know what to expect in terms of thinking logically about code.

Daniel says he’s going to be studying some code for his work this weekend. He does coding for a living, and he says he’ll be getting introduced to a new programming language Monday and wants to make sure he doesn’t go into it useless. So, we probably won’t do anything too exciting.

Maybe I can finally do another Deacon video! I like doing those. They’re fun and relaxing for me.

Diary Entry: 85 degrees

The weather is nice right now. We went through a lot of severe weather over the past couple of weeks, and we’ve finally reached that high pressure system, bringing with it the first signs of summer.

In Louisiana, we don’t get a winter. We get a long lasting fall that gradually warms to a spring. Spring is around for usually the entirety of March and April and then we are hit with our scorching temperatures.


Some years I can handle sweating all day. Others I cannot. The past two days I’ve already begun sweating by just standing. I look outside my window. It’s a nice day. Truly it is. A great park day. Then I see the creature of nightmares. The red wasp with its black wings…lands on my window. It’s not the only one.

Then there is evening time. The time we can all be together. Work is done for the day. But it’s not just our time. We share it with the mosquito.

And don’t forget those pestering mosquito hawks. Do they really eat mosquitos? They look like butterfly/mosquito hybrids. Where are the tree frogs and lizards and geckos? Shouldn’t they be eating these things? I guess they’ll come around when summer really gets here. Every year they have plenty of food. Ugh, and the spiders.

Freakin Louisiana….

Update: I Got a Logo!

I’m excited to see that I made a logo using canvas! I’m so proud of the way it looks, even if it is quite ordinary. I think it reflects my blog quite well!

Oh! And I want to give a great shout to Fauxcroft for all the likes today!! ♥

And another notice goes to my handsome man, Daniel, for editing all my blog posts in his free time!

Diary Entry: Wrong Mass Readings

The last two masses Daniel and I have gone to have had the wrong readings. I wondered if maybe we should leave that mass to go to a later one; if then we would be getting the correct reading, but I thought that God must have wanted all of us in this room to experience the wrong reading.

We stayed and listened. This past Sunday, we got the gospel reading about Lazarus being raised from the dead. The priest was excited about it because it’s one of his favorites. He began passionately talking about how Jesus let this dead man out of the tomb after four days and told another to unwrap his cloths.

Father explained that this unwrapping was Jesus’ way of saying he brought this man back from the dead permanently, and the unwrapping of the cloths was a sign of a new beginning, of letting go of your past, to walk out of your own tomb because you have been raised from the dead through Christ.

There was a lot more he said, and he said it so well, but I couldn’t give it justice if I tried to repeat it here. I did take away that I need to drop the past completely, and live in the present and reach for the future. Which is something I needed to have thrown my way.

I have such a problem with letting the past control me. Letting go of the past is one of those things that’s a lot easier said than done. Memories can be good or bad, but the world has moved on and changed. Those memories aren’t today. You can either learn from it and forget it, or can get stuck in the nostalgia of it all. One is staying in the tomb, the other is walking out.

Diary Entry: I Want to Scream

Well, today was a shard of glass in my latex.

My library science teacher finally graded assignments from February. Big assignments. And told me that I failed. My grade went down 11 points. I’m pissed.

It would have been helpful had she graded these things earlier so I could have fixed the problem before failing the next one. So now I have two bold Fs.

On top of that we mysteriously had an assignment due last week that was not announced.

So yay. Late points.

Then she announces she messes up our quiz last week by putting the wrong questions from a previous book in it.

I’m about fed up with this teacher. Is it really this hard to be organized for an online class?? Now I feel stupid and dumb and I want to reassess everything in my life.

Yes. I’m a little over dramatic when something bad happens. But school is a big part of my life. My future. It’s the thing that will allow me to provide for my family. And I’m blowing it. Because of this sick excuse for a university.

I should have never attended this school.

But it’s cheap and local. Whatever. I’d rather have better professors than have idiots for teachers, poor advising, and professors who couldn’t care less about their students.

And to top off my school issues, Nathan has been acting like he isn’t obligated to respect my wishes. Like keeping psychos away from Isla. Or telling me who is around her.

Yay Monday

Diary Entry: A Good Day

I love Daniel’s family so much. They had their reunion yesterday. This is the second one I’ve been to. It was at the same place, but it had been renovated! It was BEAUTIFUL! (We had a few hints dropped on us that it would make a good place for a reception. No doubt it would, but it’s a town over from where we would potentially get married.) It’s at an old plantation home that has been beautifully kept up with. It’s something out of a Pinterest photo…if that makes sense.

Isla got to play with Daniel’s nieces, Lily and Karli. Lily and Isla are the same age and have been smitten with each other since they met. I love that she has such a close friend in his family. (Fun fact: Isla’s two closest friends are named Lily and Lilli). After we left the reunion, we hung out with Daniel’s family for a little while. I went to the bowling alley with them later that evening, without Daniel. It was the first time in a while that I had spent time with them without Daniel also being present. He had an Auburn basketball game to watch. Daniel is an Auburn alumni, and loves sports, so he’s pretty invested in their sports. I like that he enjoys those types of things. So, I let him do his thing while I went to do mine.

At the bowling alley, we discovered that we would have been better off making reservations. I have never seen our bowling alley so packed before. It was a blackout night, apparently. It was really cool looking. Instead of waiting an hour for a lane to open, we just did the arcade. Each game is $1!! That’s so outrageous! I let Isla spend our money and enjoy her time. The only bad part was when she lost her bouncy ball after I told her not to bounce it. Her poor little face made me hate that she regretted not listening to me. We did find it, however. And bowling alley be damned if I hadn’t! Thing cost me a dollar! Should buy a bulk order of them from amazon and my own twisty machine! Save some money!

After spending everything we had, we’re back. We eat some leftovers and then head back to my place with a tired Isla. It was a good day.

This whole weekend has been good.

Elemental Writing Challenge

Persephone entered the underworld with Hades by her side. She expected brimstone and fire, but was met instead with rolling green hills and a sky as blue as a clear spring morning. They were standing next to a trickling river that was picking up depth downstream. Beyond the hills was a mountain range, one of the peaks towering in the sky above all the others.

“Elysian Fields,” Persephone says in awe, squeezing Hades’ hand.

He looks down at her, pleased to see her fearful expression from before had finally vanished. He nods, then points at the tallest peak, “That one is ours.”

“Where’s the firey bits?” She asks him.

He laughs. He doesn’t want to talk about that part yet, not while that beautiful smile is plastered all over her face.