Diary Entry: Isla is Going to Pre-K

Isla was accepted into pre-k. I’m a little worried about how much she should know. I’m sure she knows enough… but I remember how I struggled in school. I don’t want Isla to feel like I did.

I wasn’t a bad student, but I remember having a hard time understanding what I was being taught. I was mostly in my own head, and I didn’t spend enough time going over my lessons. It’s amazing that I was an honor-roll student. I practically guessed on tests.

I want to start teaching Isla over the summer. I want her to know how to count to 20 and say her ABC’s. Maybe even read a little. I don’t think I’m a great teacher though. I don’t know how some mothers homeschool. I would love to homeschool, but HOW!? And WHY?!

Isla can learn so much better at school. The only thing that really bothers me about sending her off…is sending her off on her own, with all those different kids to interact with and teachers to raise her academically. I didn’t think I would be the mom to be afraid of leaving my child at school…but the thought of her starting school makes me feel anxious.

Mom says she should ride the bus after school. But I don’t think I want her riding the bus for a long time. I want to make sure she’s in good hands. I saw too much bad on school buses. When I was in kindergarten, my bus driver treated me like crap. Strait up left me on the bus after school because I fell asleep. She also purposefully slammed the bus door into my nose and screamed at me for crying about it. I ended up tripping because of the pain and tears and busted my nose. I have a crocked nose…and I blame that day and that lady.

I was also bullied a lot on the bus, and I remember people bullying others. Especially the poor younger kids. And the bus drivers themselves were kinda mean.

It was a great day when I no longer had to ride the bus. The last 2 years of high school were bliss.

This has become a rant about school buses.

Anyways, I came up with a plan to start teaching Isla everyday of the week. And when Nathan’s off, spending an hour of our time together to sit Isla down to learn. Then have Daniel question her when he’s over. He’ll be like her tests. I suppose I will start this coming up Monday.

I don’t want to be too hard on her. I just want her to be prepared.

Gosh, I’m so nervous about it.

Diary Entry: Memphis, Tennessee

Daniel and I joined Nick and Lara yesterday – today in Memphis.

Daniel and I carpooled with them.

I have never been to Memphis, so I was pretty thrilled! Our plan was to go to the zoo today and hang out in Memphis last night. We only live about 5 hours away. Only about 30 minutes longer than Dallas and about the same as NOLA. I don’t know why I’ve been to Dallas and NOLA so much and never Memphis.

We stayed in this nice hostel located in a church in the center of a busy area, which was very convenient. It was one room with two bunk beds for us. It was kind of a communal bathroom. Kind of. One side had 4 or 5 private bathrooms, and the other side was shared. I stuck with the private bathrooms.

We went to this great coffee shop that had a pistachio frappe. Pistachio is one of my favorite flavors of anything. Why is pistachio such a good dessert!! We sipped on our drinks and played chess for a little bit before going to get some BBQ at Central BBQ.

This is when my nerd luck came out. I had apparently touched something I am allergic to in the coffee shop. I’m not allergic to anything that I know of except lobster. My left hand broke into a hivey rash. But once we got to Central BBQ, I washed my hand off and the hives went away.

We then went to play putt-putt, then some ping pong at this club/bar/hangout that was really cool! It was for people over 21. They had a volleyball court, ping pong, beer pong, and an outside band area, etc. I enjoyed ping pong until I slid into a step up and peeled my toenail back. Then my legs freaked out and broke into a very itchy rash.

So Daniel and I went back to the hostel because I sucked.

This morning, we woke up and went to the zoo! We got there around 10. I have never been in such a big zoo! It was basically a rideless themepark!

I finally got to see pandas and penguins!! And we also saw jaguars make love lol.

Pandas are interesting bears! They sit so funny! The eat and sleep. I can respect that.

We spent 5 hours at the zoo. Now we’re finally on our way back home. It was a great time for sure!

Memphis is a cool city! It has that small town vibe, but it’s big and has lots to do. A better version of Austin. In a way. Austin has it’s perks. Basically, I could live in both those cities and love it always, if I was into leaving home.

I thought about how home is only a short ways away from several big cities. And I like that. I prefer that. I can visit Dallas, Shreveport, Memphis, Little Rock, NOLA, Jackson in a day. And that’s amazing, isn’t it?

Diary Entry: So Unsure: So Bored – Maybe I’m Thinking too Much

I’m going through one of those patches of life where you feel down about you’re role in the world.

I think I’m just bored and miss work/school. It’s only been two weeks since school ended and I have been bored to bits. I forget I get this way too easily.

Mom’s business isn’t bringing in enough for her to just pay me. I wish I could actually help her out. Actually work and make tats. But I feel like I won’t be as good as she is. She has a good eye for what people think looks good. I….don’t. at least not for sales.

I would love to make my blog a real business. But I guess it intimidates me. I also don’t know what readers want. And I don’t produce very helpful content. Or products. Or enough creativity.

Sometimes I feel like I’m bound to be a stay at home mom because it seems to be the one thing I’m great at. I can cook decently, I can clean really well, I have patience, I love being a mom, and I love taking care of things. There’s something so fulfilling about keeping the house up and taking care of Isla’s needs. I’m not the best, but I love it.

But I also dream of being successful. For Daniel. For my family. I want to work. But would I even like it once I’m there? I’m putting in so much time for it. I guess I feel this way mostly because I had to change everything I thought about myself this past year, and I’m trying to focus on what I’m already good at. I wish I could have been right about meteorology. It pains me to miss out on storm chases. Maybe my love for storms should just stay a love for storms.

And I’m good at all sorts of things. And I’m passionate about so many things.

I love earth sciences. And I want to encourage others to love them too! And I love writing.

Haha, maybe I could blog about earth sciences and being a mom. This is mom life and beyond.

Diary Entry: Slime!

Isla and I made slime today! We made it pink like bubble gum. And made it smell as such. We added colorful balls and some sparkles. Now it looks like a delicious ice cream flavor!

We plan on making more. Mom is going to add them to her shop.

Now, Daniel and I are helping out Daniel’s sister with the esports party she puts on at the local Catholic high school. They have a team here. Which is pretty cool. It’s the only high school around here that has one.

It’s nice helping out. She feeds us pizza.

Update: I Lied

Apparently it hit me today instead. My arms are in too much pain to lift things. On the bright side, it’s just my arms. Hopefully it’s not my shoulders acting up again. That won’t be any good. I was enjoying feeling normal.

Diary Entry: Bloated

I know bloated is the last thing anyone wants to hear anyone talk about. But I am sooooo bloated today. Today is the first day I haven’t exercised.

The last two days I had added some more exercises into my routine. The first day I felt no pain. That was odd considering I haven’t worked those muscles like that in awhile. So yesterday I decided to try doing everything one step up. 20 reps instead of 10. So I prepared for today to be an off day for recovery sake. But believe or not, the pain is very very mild. Normally I’m dead on recovery days. Over exerting myself really destroys me. I get physically ill. I get small fevers and feel like I have the flu. But the next day I’ll be all better. It’s really odd. But today I felt good. Just a little tired.

Maybe staying consistent is helping my body realize that everything is ok.

Starting tomorrow I’ll need to go up on my weights. I’m not such a weakling anymore. I’ll be doing 4lbs! Or 5lbs? I’m not sure if 4lbs is a thing. I suppose I’ll find out tomorrow when I go get the weights.

Oh! Bloated, right.

Yeah, I guess my body is having some issues with adjusting to eating more than usual, and, today, being stagnant. Despite gaining a couple of pounds (according to the doctor scale, none), I haven’t been feeling terribly unconfident like I usually would. I can tell the flabby mass is not as flabby, so my clothes feel more comfortable.

Except jeans. They feel smaller on me. And I’m not sure if it’s because I basically wore leggings and dresses for the past several months or what….but they make me want to burn them. Jeans are the devil in clothes form. I used to think I rocked them, until I liked dresses more. Now I think I look funny in the devilish things.

Good thing it’s shorts weather though!

And walking/running weather!

I can sweat all day and it’s ok.

Unless I forget my water bottle. It be hella hot out there 🔥

Tuesday Exercise

Beginning our walk, or Isla’s biking, we have to prepare by putting on clothes that allow great breathability, and then wash our faces, to keep those pores clean (I will never understand people who put makeup on to work out – isnt that bad for your skin?!), put a ponytail holder in Isla’s head, as much as she hates me for it, and fill up some water bottles for the hot humid terrain waiting ahead of us.Hopefully this time, the place isn’t flooded like it was last time.It has been raining so much. The river is so flippen high. But I think we get a good amount of dry weather this week. Yay!

Diary Entry: Mother’s Day

I became applicable for Mother’s Day 4 years ago. My first Mother’s Day was weird. It felt unreal but amazing to be part of a day for appreciating mother’s. I can be appreciated for caring and popping out a baby? Cool!

I kept the first card my dad gave me and I keep it displayed.

I never got much. Nathan never helped Isla acknowledge the day. And maybe I went to eat with my mom and grandmother. And a card or two. And granted, those things were enough for me.

Then I met Daniel. He made sure I felt special on this day. He made me feel like being a mom is something I should be appreciated for not just because the day makes it obligatory, but because he believes I deserve it. And he helps me appreciate my mom as well, something I wasn’t able to do much in the past years.

This year was a great Mother’s Day for me. I got to spend it with Daniel’s family, eat with them. I got to recognize Mother Mary and be one of the many mother’s who were given a carnation after mass.

Daniel got me 4 candles, which I love!! I got to pick them out. And now every room in my apartment can smell great! Including Isla’s room. Mom got me a homemade bathbomb thing that looked like a shake. Definitely made me want a shake too. Isla got me a card and flowers and bought me dinner thanks to Nathan! And my dad and brother got me things that I have yet to get!

Oh, and I got to nap!

This is the most I’ve ever gotten on Mother’s Day. Everyone seemed to be in the holiday spirit!

It was such a great day. I’m so proud to be a loved mommy!