My Ex Lost His Girlfriend

I realized I never touched up on this. It was not a long relationship. They ended up breaking up because both of them stink at relationships. But she did so much to him. I have been waiting for it to be left in the dust before talking about it. That way there’s nothing sensitive or biased being posted. It has encouraged me to do a relationship post soon. It’ll probably be my next listy type thing. I hate that it had to happen…but I’m also very glad it did.

Nathan was losing his head in this relationship. He was giving all that he felt comfortable with giving. Which was basically all his love. She lives in Lake Charles, so he would go down once or twice a month to see her.

He wasn’t met with much love back. She would be sleeping or at school or work most of her time and she didn’t bother to squeeze much time in for calling, texting, and/or hanging out with Nathan. Once he went all the way down there to surprise her and she just said ‘hey’ and went out without him. She showed no compassion for him sacrificing time for her….she definitely didn’t do it back. In fact, when she was supposed to come up here to visit (not him) her family, she would cancel. Every time.

See…the thing is…she would talk to him every day all day before they began dating. She never canceled coming up here. She acted like she really cared. They snapchatted often, sending pictures, but when they began dating, she stopped sending pictures and just chatted. She never asked about Nathan’s day or inquired about him. It was making Nathan feel so confused and depressed. He was legit feeling crazy. He told me he wanted medicine to help. That’s how severe this girl was treating him.

They had their good moments (when Nathan initiated it and got her to actually talk face to face) and she would say things how she would put in more effort and that he was being silly. That she wasn’t being any different.

Then as soon has he would go home…nothing changed.

Nathan told me even when they were together she never put her phone down, she was always talking to someone. So her not responding to him was just insane to him. And he begin getting suspicious.

Nathan had prior gone through a school notebook of hers and found a list of names. It was obviously a list of guys she had been with or tried being with or whatever. His name was on it and not scratched out. Along with this one other guy…Chad.

Well…turns out she had been hiding that she was talking to Chad…as just a friend. When Nathan brought that up she accused him of assuming she was cheating on him (something she passionately would never do and has never done). Nathan never even accused her…he was only trying to understand why she was hiding Chad from him and why she was speaking to him is he was on the list of guys she had been with or wanted to be with. She claimed she had no idea what that list was or meant or even remembers writing it.

Then she accused him of being a manipulator because at one point he blocked her on every social media so she would have no choice but to actually call and talk to him. And for attention since she never even liked or acknowledged things he tagged her in on Facebook (which she did before they started dating).

Nathan then believed he was the reason the relationship was failing and that he was overreacting and crazy.

Me, knowing narcissistic behavior when I sees it, told Nathan to get the hell out of the relationship. This was the same crap Nathan had done to me. To think Nathan met his match….damn….

Nathan says that he thinks the relationship was to teach him how he treated me and to make him feel the pain I felt.

I told him that God does work in mysterious ways. Let’s hope neither of us have to feel that pain ever again.

Feeling crazy in a relationship is no bueno.

But now Nathan is feeling like he’s not worth a good girl or anything great…so he wants to settle with his best girl friend….someone he doesn’t actually like in that way…I hope he gets over the relationship soon because I do not like this girl being around my daughter. But that’s another story.

P.S. Sorry if my grammar is off! My daughter his begging for me. I’m on my phone, and don’t feel like drafting! I’ll fix my mistakes laterz. I’m not sure when I’ll be on again! It’s the final week of school and next week is finals! So hold tight for me!

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