Mother’s Day

I became applicable for Mother’s Day 4 years ago. My first Mother’s Day was weird. It felt unreal but amazing to be part of a day for appreciating mother’s. I can be appreciated for caring and popping out a baby? Cool!

I kept the first card my dad gave me and I keep it displayed.

I never got much. Nathan never helped Isla acknowledge the day. And maybe I went to eat with my mom and grandmother. And a card or two. And granted, those things were enough for me.

Then I met Daniel. He made sure I felt special on this day. He made me feel like being a mom is something I should be appreciated for not just because the day makes it obligatory, but because he believes I deserve it. And he helps me appreciate my mom as well, something I wasn’t able to do much in the past years.

This year was a great Mother’s Day for me. I got to spend it with Daniel’s family, eat with them. I got to recognize Mother Mary and be one of the many mother’s who were given a carnation after mass.

Daniel got me 4 candles, which I love!! I got to pick them out. And now every room in my apartment can smell great! Including Isla’s room. Mom got me a homemade bathbomb thing that looked like a shake. Definitely made me want a shake too. Isla got me a card and flowers and bought me dinner thanks to Nathan! And my dad and brother got me things that I have yet to get!

Oh, and I got to nap!

This is the most I’ve ever gotten on Mother’s Day. Everyone seemed to be in the holiday spirit!

It was such a great day. I’m so proud to be a loved mommy!

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