Diary Entry: Bloated

I know bloated is the last thing anyone wants to hear anyone talk about. But I am sooooo bloated today. Today is the first day I haven’t exercised.

The last two days I had added some more exercises into my routine. The first day I felt no pain. That was odd considering I haven’t worked those muscles like that in awhile. So yesterday I decided to try doing everything one step up. 20 reps instead of 10. So I prepared for today to be an off day for recovery sake. But believe or not, the pain is very very mild. Normally I’m dead on recovery days. Over exerting myself really destroys me. I get physically ill. I get small fevers and feel like I have the flu. But the next day I’ll be all better. It’s really odd. But today I felt good. Just a little tired.

Maybe staying consistent is helping my body realize that everything is ok.

Starting tomorrow I’ll need to go up on my weights. I’m not such a weakling anymore. I’ll be doing 4lbs! Or 5lbs? I’m not sure if 4lbs is a thing. I suppose I’ll find out tomorrow when I go get the weights.

Oh! Bloated, right.

Yeah, I guess my body is having some issues with adjusting to eating more than usual, and, today, being stagnant. Despite gaining a couple of pounds (according to the doctor scale, none), I haven’t been feeling terribly unconfident like I usually would. I can tell the flabby mass is not as flabby, so my clothes feel more comfortable.

Except jeans. They feel smaller on me. And I’m not sure if it’s because I basically wore leggings and dresses for the past several months or what….but they make me want to burn them. Jeans are the devil in clothes form. I used to think I rocked them, until I liked dresses more. Now I think I look funny in the devilish things.

Good thing it’s shorts weather though!

And walking/running weather!

I can sweat all day and it’s ok.

Unless I forget my water bottle. It be hella hot out there 🔥

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