Diary Entry: Memphis, Tennessee

Daniel and I joined Nick and Lara yesterday – today in Memphis.

Daniel and I carpooled with them.

I have never been to Memphis, so I was pretty thrilled! Our plan was to go to the zoo today and hang out in Memphis last night. We only live about 5 hours away. Only about 30 minutes longer than Dallas and about the same as NOLA. I don’t know why I’ve been to Dallas and NOLA so much and never Memphis.

We stayed in this nice hostel located in a church in the center of a busy area, which was very convenient. It was one room with two bunk beds for us. It was kind of a communal bathroom. Kind of. One side had 4 or 5 private bathrooms, and the other side was shared. I stuck with the private bathrooms.

We went to this great coffee shop that had a pistachio frappe. Pistachio is one of my favorite flavors of anything. Why is pistachio such a good dessert!! We sipped on our drinks and played chess for a little bit before going to get some BBQ at Central BBQ.

This is when my nerd luck came out. I had apparently touched something I am allergic to in the coffee shop. I’m not allergic to anything that I know of except lobster. My left hand broke into a hivey rash. But once we got to Central BBQ, I washed my hand off and the hives went away.

We then went to play putt-putt, then some ping pong at this club/bar/hangout that was really cool! It was for people over 21. They had a volleyball court, ping pong, beer pong, and an outside band area, etc. I enjoyed ping pong until I slid into a step up and peeled my toenail back. Then my legs freaked out and broke into a very itchy rash.

So Daniel and I went back to the hostel because I sucked.

This morning, we woke up and went to the zoo! We got there around 10. I have never been in such a big zoo! It was basically a rideless themepark!

I finally got to see pandas and penguins!! And we also saw jaguars make love lol.

Pandas are interesting bears! They sit so funny! The eat and sleep. I can respect that.

We spent 5 hours at the zoo. Now we’re finally on our way back home. It was a great time for sure!

Memphis is a cool city! It has that small town vibe, but it’s big and has lots to do. A better version of Austin. In a way. Austin has it’s perks. Basically, I could live in both those cities and love it always, if I was into leaving home.

I thought about how home is only a short ways away from several big cities. And I like that. I prefer that. I can visit Dallas, Shreveport, Memphis, Little Rock, NOLA, Jackson in a day. And that’s amazing, isn’t it?

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