Isla is Going to Pre-K

Isla was accepted into pre-k. I’m a little worried about how much she should know. I’m sure she knows enough… but I remember how I struggled in school. I don’t want Isla to feel like I did.

I wasn’t a bad student, but I remember having a hard time understanding what I was being taught. I was mostly in my own head, and I didn’t spend enough time going over my lessons. It’s amazing that I was an honor-roll student. I practically guessed on tests.

I want to start teaching Isla over the summer. I want her to know how to count to 20 and say her ABC’s. Maybe even read a little. I don’t think I’m a great teacher though. I don’t know how some mothers homeschool. I would love to homeschool, but HOW!? And WHY?!

Isla can learn so much better at school. The only thing that really bothers me about sending her off…is sending her off on her own, with all those different kids to interact with and teachers to raise her academically. I didn’t think I would be the mom to be afraid of leaving my child at school…but the thought of her starting school makes me feel anxious.

Mom says she should ride the bus after school. But I don’t think I want her riding the bus for a long time. I want to make sure she’s in good hands. I saw too much bad on school buses. When I was in kindergarten, my bus driver treated me like crap. Strait up left me on the bus after school because I fell asleep. She also purposefully slammed the bus door into my nose and screamed at me for crying about it. I ended up tripping because of the pain and tears and busted my nose. I have a crocked nose…and I blame that day and that lady.

I was also bullied a lot on the bus, and I remember people bullying others. Especially the poor younger kids. And the bus drivers themselves were kinda mean.

It was a great day when I no longer had to ride the bus. The last 2 years of high school were bliss.

This has become a rant about school buses.

Anyways, I came up with a plan to start teaching Isla everyday of the week. And when Nathan’s off, spending an hour of our time together to sit Isla down to learn. Then have Daniel question her when he’s over. He’ll be like her tests. I suppose I will start this coming up Monday.

I don’t want to be too hard on her. I just want her to be prepared.

Gosh, I’m so nervous about it.

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