Entry: Spiders

I really don’t like when I go through random nights of nightmares and uncomfortable sleep. Daniel just bought my grandmother’s house…so now it’s his house….it feels weird to say it. We’re in the middle of doing some renovations and setting it up so he can finally move in. We packed up everything in his apartment. It’s a lofty flat, so everything is under his bed and the place is not well insulated from the outside world. In other words…SPIDERS EVERYWHERE!

OK, not everywhere, but my mind couldn’t help but think they were scurrying away from his grasp (I didn’t help because spiders) as he pulled things out from under the bed, waiting to crawl onto the blankets and attack us at our most vulnerable.

So, when all was said and done, I had spider nightmares all night! It didn’t help that the night before I saw a spider scurrying across my bed, and another chilling between my nightstand and the wall. I kept waking up slapping myself, scared spiders were on me. I’m still uneasy about sleeping in my bed.

And then we went kayaking at Black Bayou. Water spiders….EVERYWHERE. When we made it back to shore 2 hours later, our kayaks were covered in the creatures. Especially Daniel’s. His kayak had been swarmed by them. He is just so chill about them! HOW CAN HE BE SO CHILL ABOUT THEM?!

I hate spiders….

Photo by Rangarajan Ragunathan on Unsplash

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