Summer Evenings Being a Mom

What I love about this summer is being a mom. I can do the fun summer things, like making lemonade, cutting up watermelon, and finding fun educational things Isla hates/loves.

Isla is currently napping. She went down quite late this evening because she spent time with Nathan before he went to work today. It was a great opportunity for me to get my booty to the grocery store. I don’t mind going to the store, but it wasn’t really something I wanted to do in my 3 hour free time. Isla has been a handful lately. I don’t know what it is. She acts like she owns the adults in her life. I’m sure it’s typical behavior for a 4 year old, but it certainly drives my patience.

When Nathan got her today, she screamed and cried for at least 30 minutes because I made her wear a pair of blue pants. Her outfit is so cute. She just hates having no control over her fashion. I let her dress how she wants sometimes, but she doesn’t get that weather plays a huge role in what we wear. Teaching her has been hell. I finally put all her winter clothes in a box at the top of the closet. Now we’re trying to teach her how to look presentable (which may cause some debates).

I’m really thinking about giving her less of a wardrobe to choose from. Like 4 shorts, 4 pants, 4 shirts and 4 dresses. But then I won’t need her chest of drawers anymore. That’s ok. Minimalism is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to making choices and not feeling so overwhelmed. -I need to minimalise my closet some as well.

I’m also thinking about getting rid of a ton of her toys. She barely plays with toys. She likes to twirl and dance about in costumes more. If she plays with toys, she really only plays with her doll houses and stuffed animals or wants to read books with me. Oh, and cash registers. She loves making people pay for things!

She loves her iPad, and I love letting her play on it. It has taught her a lot. But I don’t like her being on the thing or watching stuff all day. So I’ve been taking those things away from her. She thought at first that she was being punished. I’ve told her that it’s not good to be on screens all day, and that she needs to play with her toys and use her imagination. She has caught on decently, but when she gets tired of playing and wants to watch TV, she starts to get antsy and moody. A true addiction. It’s my fault. Some summer days are just too damn hot to go outside and play. So we stay in, bored, watching Netflix. I’ve tried to break the habit by taking us to Books-a-Million for a couple of hours before nap time, and then visiting friends afterwards.

She used to watch a movie (Puss in Boots) every night while in bed to fall asleep to, while with her lamp on. I’ve cut both those out now too. She gets one day a week to watch a movie in bed, and only Christmas lights around her dresser and her Christmas light up angel (one of those fiber optic things) . She transitioned well. I was very proud!

Anyways, this was a mommy blog! Thanks for reading!!

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