My desk had gotten so bad! I have so many projects I get started on, and then I end up getting lost in the mess! I also have a problem with keeping pencils and pens, and then buying more….

I finally threw a lot away, put what needed to go into my backpack in a school bag in the drawer, and all the not yet sharpened pencils together in another bag. So, I have a lot less in my drawer as well. I put my library books in my room on my nightstand. Organized the inside of my desk, And while there’s a lot more I would like to do to clean and organize it, this will do for now. It’s like truly more fresh now!

(In the pictures, the inside of my desk and drawer don’t look that great, but honestly, it’s a lot more organized and WAY less junk. I put my slime making stuff in the desk too. I would like to maybe add a shelf in there above the binders. I wonder how possible that is. We need more storage in general. But we have very little money.)

I also cleaned out my nightstand in my room and got rid of a lot in there. I feel like I can breathe! I really don’t like clutter. Yet, I let it accumulate. And having such a small apartment makes it a lot easier for clutter to happen.

So here is how it turned out!

Bridget and I will probably go today to get a frame for the puzzle under my laptop. If we have the money for. I’m tired of it being there. Then we have to figure out where we want to hang it up. I think in the dinning area would be cute.

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