Update: What’s Been Going On

We got the living room in Daniel’s house finished, we did up the guest / Isla’s-future-room room, we painted the master room and ripped out the carpet. Now all that is left is laying floor in the master room and Daniel can technically move in and fix it up around living there!

That has practically taken most my time. But I had other things going on as well. We went to my family reunion in Ruston, LA. I love the reunion being in Ruston because Lincoln Parish Park is super nice! And also there is a ton of food. I don’t know my family very well, and don’t spite me for it… I suffer from that facial recognition issue so I can’t ever remember who anyone is unless they haven’t changed! That’s maybe 4 people. Daniel can remember them better than me. I’m very happy he can help me with that. Isla had a blast. She played with my cousin Mckenzie and a few other little kids who would be her second cousins…or third cousins…gosh my grandmother has too many siblings (13) that have grandchildren now… I’m part of the grandchildren so I have a lot of second and third cousins that I’ve been around my whole life (yes, I can remember 2 of them). I do have two first cousins, and we’re super close. But one moved to San Antonio and the other is antisocial, so they weren’t there.

I had a good time, I just wish I wasn’t so shy and boggled by all the similar faces! I would love to know my family more. As a teenager I was very withdrawn from them because I thought they were weird. Now that I have a kid and what not, they aren’t so weird anymore.

Later that day I had to be back in Ruston to paint a freakin cute raccoon door hanger with my friend Victoria and few others she knows. I enjoyed that so much. I want to do it again! Now I kinda hope my future child with Daniel is a boy so I can do a raccoon theme and use my raccoon door hanger for the nursery!

Speaking of Victoria, I went to her house another day to let Isla and her son play together in her kiddie pool she got. Lara came too. She’s been out of work for a little bit because she disliked her job too much to stay. Luckily she got another job at the college! It’s very exciting for her! I think she’ll really love it there!

I’ve been trying to get a job too….I’m gonna leave that for another blog though because there is too much to say for this update post.

I’ve been trying to catch Isla up on her summer bridge studies. I slacked on it for about a week and a half. She has done very well. She has a hard time with numbers. Poor thing got the bad math skills. I want to make sure she does well with numbers so she doesn’t have to suffer like I did. Thank goodness Daniel is brilliant at math. He can teach her where I can’t.

Bridget and I held game night at our house. There were nine people! We played Secret Hitler and some Catan. I wish we would have played more Catan. But those who didn’t feel like strategy preferred Secret Hitler.

And yeah. That’s what’s been going on! It’s been a lot. A lot of time away from internet and sit down time. The couple of times I had me time, I just wanted to lay in bed and watch TV. Hibernate some, ya know? That’s what us introverted people have to do to recover from so much socializing.

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