Pre-k and College

Isla started Pre-K this week. And I started the fall semester with her.

I guess it should be known that I got a job at the library. I’m very happy about it. Despite the low pay and what not, I’m making enough to be thoroughly satisfied for someone without a degree yet. I’m actually very happy with the pay, because they gave me a raise when they reinstated me!

I’m getting off topic, though. Shall we get back to the chaotic week? I mentioned work because this week has been the most hours I have received so far. Working 12-6. This is almost similar to one of my most hated shifts…the 11-7. I hate the 11-7 shift because you literally have no time to have a day. Well… 12-6 is fairly similar.

And when you have to get your kid to school by 7:55 and your not home till 8:30 and you need all your needs met before beginning school work…. it causes you to fall a bit behind. I get off at 6, pick Isla up, get home at 7, get her bathed and down by 8, and then I pass out around 9. See….no time! So I’ve been pretty dang stressed this week with trying to manage time.

I’m actually procrastinating while writing this blog. But I go in at 2 today, so I get a little more free time!

I have a lot of other things I want to talk about. Mostly mommy insecurities involving Pre-K. But I should really get back to my school work right this minute so I’m not freaking out this weekend when everything is due.

I’ll try to get on here Saturday and actually talk about things. I might make two posts! Try to.

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