BBT Charting: Update

I have updates on the charting BC bit.

(I know it’s probably very awkward to hear about my womanly business, but it is my blog, not yours, so nyeh!)

I really have been enjoying. And gosh, I have felt SO much better since getting off the pill!

It took two months for my body finally get a nice standard pattern. I was actually expecting ovulation to start immediately, but I don’t think it did. OvuView (the app I’m using to keep track) detected ovulation. My temperatures were drastically weird that first month of charting, and basically stayed that way through next month too. I’m no expert on it, and suppose it is possible I did ovulate both months but it was just very unclear. Here’s a picture of that first month for anyone curious.

First month tempting and off of BC

My temps before and after ovulation have been pretty consistent with their lows and highs. The “before” never going above the Coverline, and the “after” don’t have those weird ups and downs. Also ovulation is a nice rise and super obvious now.

Any yeah. That’s BBT Charting for ya. I really like it. Totally worth trying out if you’re curious about your body. It can really help with learning about hormones too. 10/10 recommend. BUT as a birth control…I wouldn’t advice just winging it all willy-nilly (is that a pun?). I advise using other forms of birth control until at least 3 days past ovulation.

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