I’m a weather nerd and hurricane season is approaching. It’s still pretty early to start worrying too much about being affected by these giant ocean tornadoes, but Cristobal is looking mighty interesting.

I haven’t looked far into the future of this tropical storm, but I do know that when it leaves the coast of Mexico this weekend, we might be looking at the first hurricane approaching the US, specifically my home state! Of course, there is a lot that goes into tracking a system because there is a lot that can affect it from strengthening and weakening. I’ll have to get the weather maps out soon and take a gander at atmosphere to get a better idea of Cristobal’s potential. Right now, I’m just going by the NHC’s information and tracking predictions.

My prediction as of right now (with zero data) is that Cristobal will likely turn into category 1 before it reaches the US. (This is just a fun thing I do and is in no way accurate information about the storms actual potential).

Right now the winds and rains are causing many issues in Central America with flooding and mudslides. Pray for them!

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