Why Not a Journal

I was reading up on blog things and saw an interesting question. Why do you want to have a public blog opposed to a private journal.

This intrigued me. Why?!

I keep a private journal. I write in it at least twice a week at minimum. But what goes in there vs going out here? The answer is quite simple… more personal things get put in my journal. Ya know, the things I don’t want getting back to the people I know. I guess I’m afraid of judgement and criticism. And sometimes I wonder if people would be more interested in those things than the things I post about on my blog.

I’ve blogged about this before… How I’m afraid to open up to the public, but I would like to be personal and relatable as a human being. I want people to come to my blog feeling accepted and laughing at how similar of situations they have been through, while also learning from my mistakes. I guess I blog because I want to be a good influence. I want to help guide humanity.

But honestly, am I even worthy enough to guide anyone?

In real life, I am not a leader at all. I’m barely someone people take advice from. Sometimes I’m even untrustworthy because I can be so indecisive. But often I wonder if I’m anymore indecisive than someone else, or if I’m just honest about the pros and cons of my decisions. I like to think aloud, because like most, I enjoy hearing feedback about something before I act. Maybe I let my confidence in people sway my personal confidence in making decisions.

So, why do I choose to blog publicly? Because I want to talk to the world. I want to tell my story and share my lessons. I want others to avoid the same mistakes as me and take the things I love and love them too. I want the world to seek joy in the little things. I want people to know it’s ok to be embarrassed and make mistakes. It’s ok.


And why am I so passionate about that? Because I felt scared growing up. I feel scared still. And I don’t want others to feel scared. Being you never fails. And I want the world to know me so that YOU are ok with being YOU.

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