Things That Relax Me

As a human that is overly emotional, I tend to stress out over the smallest things. So, over the many years of being me, I have come up with things that help me take a moment to relax.

The first things I’ll mention will be screen related as we all tend to have our phones in our hands for a good majority of our free time.

• Tsuki Adventure

Tsuki Is a little rabbit that lives in a small peaceful village. The game is basically a simplified Animal Crossing in the way that there isn’t really a challenge to the game and you make friends with villagers. It’s a background game you can open up to see what Tsuki is up to. I like to think of him as a tomigotchi I don’t have to feed. You basically play by checking in on him and exploring the village. It’s time based, so different times you can find different characters hanging around or Tsuki doing an activity.

I get very stressed out with games that want me doing certain things in a certain amount of time. So having a game that allows me to just check in with a little buddy is perfect for taking a moment. Oh, and it’s ad free unless you want to watch an ad for carrots (bunny currency) but carrots can be gathered hourly and aren’t necessarily a big part of the game. There’s literally no rush to anything. There also used to be no in-app purchases, but the recent update has made it where you can purchase carrots for real money. But again, that’s just an option you’re not obligated to do and the app doesn’t push it on you.

• Instagram

I know this one is probably weird, considering it’s social media… but I honestly love going on Instagram and exploring the content it has to offer.

Personally, I’m not big on celebrities and new. I use Instagram to see what artist and creators are up to. There’s something very appealing about looking at pictures and being inspired. It’s a place where I follow my hobbies and the passions. I find joy going to Instagram and that makes it a good distressing tool for me.

Now for the off screen remedies!

• Herbal Tea

It’s a common go to for relaxing. Do I need to explain any further? There’s just something about having a favorite mug filled with warm tea! I think I’ll go fix me some right now….

• Colors

Pastels are just so relaxing! I guess it’s the feeling of springtime or rebirth. And bursts of colors make me feel like I have everything I need. I can sit down and take in the environment and feel completely content and alive.

Some examples would be rainbow sprinkles on vanilla ice cream, yellow in a grey room, or a multicolored painting like those by Leonid Afremov.

• Flow Magazine

This is a truly inspiring magazine that I absolutely love! I love reading everything in it and all the creative goodies they offer. I can read this magazine and feel the love of the world and knowing there is still love out there is so relaxing!

Those are my go to relaxers for when I can’t get away from home! I fill my house with pops of colors, read positive magazines, look at up my hobbies and passions and play simple games! All while drinking a nice warm cup of tea! Now outdoors… don’t worry, there are only two things!

• Biking

Oh how freeing it feels to be on a bike. Wind in your hair and on your skin. A time of silence and adventure.

• Walking With Friends

What’s a better remedy for stress than hanging out with the people who make you the happiest at your most vulnerable? A walk is nice on its own, but it’s even better when someone is with you. You can even bring your dog with you! It’s like a tiny adventure. You never know what you may experience on your daily walking path. I love it!

3 thoughts on “Things That Relax Me

  1. If I talk about myself, painting is relaxing for me. That’s why I left my full time job and started painting from beginning of this year. And it is a very good decision I can say.

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