Ice and Pipes

Ok, readers. So ya'll know how there was that dang arctic freeze in Texas? Well, it affected Louisiana too. I guess Louisiana could be considered part of Texas these days (excluding NOLA and Baton Rouge). The first day the temps dropped was just....normal. We get cold temps here. Maybe not as cold as ye ol' … Continue reading Ice and Pipes

Wedding Dresses and Disordered Eating

Hello, readers. This subject will be very personal to me, but I need to get it out there because it is heavily weighing on me. I'm not sure if I mentioned how I was diagnosed with an eating disorder by my therapist. Orthorexia, she said. Orthorexia is not a commonly known eating disorder, but it … Continue reading Wedding Dresses and Disordered Eating


I have always been a big big fan of the Hygge lifestyle. I try to mix it in with a little minimalism. I used to be a huge advocate of the minimalistic lifestyle in my younger twenties. But I could never QUITE feel comfortable with going all out. And believe it or not, I figured … Continue reading Hygge