We’re Engaged!

Hey guys! Back in October, Daniel asked me to marry him! I said yes, of course! We’re tying the knot in May this year. I’m super excited to finally be his Mrs.

I’ll have to write a post about all my wedding planning stuff after we’re married. I feel like a lot of people do that, but perhaps I can add a few more ideas. Like cheaper alternatives and such. The cheapest way to go is Justice of the Peace, but we’re Catholic, so we have to get married in the church no matter what.

So far the engagement has been fun. I get asked about my shiny rock every so often then I get all giddy! Daniel is very open to talking about all the wedding things too. It’s weird talking to him about it because I used to only talk about wedding things with my girl friends. I wonder if when guys were kids if they thought about how their wedding will be….do they talk about those things together, or is it taboo? I should ask Daniel this. I’m surprised I’ve never talked about this with a guy before.

I miss this site and I miss posting. I got really down in the past year (damn 2020) and just lost a lot of fuel. I really hope 2021 goes better and that I’ll participate on my website more often!

Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

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