September is here! Break out the sweaters!

Ok…maybe don’t break out the sweaters just yet, give summer a chance to cool down.

Here in Louisiana, we get horrid humid heat. You know…an actual sauna. It sucks, especially with masks. At least my face hasn’t broken out as much due to me figuring out my skin (finally after 20 something years) and that very humidity. Can’t say the same for my hair though. This morning it was actually not sticking to me, which is a relief! I despise sweating.

And you know, today and yesterday have been good. The days are still…hot…but the humidity has gone down. I breathed in the afternoon air yesterday after work; I COULD BREATHE! It was fresh. I didn’t immediately break out into a sweat either. The Farmers Almanac says that we’re supposed to have a cooler September than usual. I’m *cool* with that.

I have some complaining to do about school, but that’s for another post. It’s just one class really.

Daniel and I have started trying for a little one. Well…I say trying, but not really trying. Trying to whatever. Next month will be the actual try if nothing panned out for this month. I’m being pessimistic about the month, but I’m also hopeful. It’s a strange feeling, because I’m so excited (Googling and charting like a maniac), but I know better than to expect something so soon. Like a shipment that I know will ship out in a week, but I keep checking to see if the seller has shipped it earlier, just in case.

So, the next few posts will probably be about my pregnancy journey with Daniel.

Not full detail….don’t be gross.

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