12dpo and BBT Chart

Hello. Guess what! I finally downloaded the WordPress app on my phone again. This mean mobile uploads can happen again! (This one is on the web though). After I switched back to iPhone, I just never downloaded it. It’s been over a year. That’s probably why I’ve been more inactive. I got bummed and stopped writing and didn’t wanna see that app anymore?

Anyways, I am 12dpo. My luteal phase is normally 11 days. Either I’ll see AF by this evening or I’ll be a day late. I had nothing but negative tests so far. I saw someone say that implantation can happen on the day of the third temp rise of a triphasic chart. So…maybe that’s what happened and I’m not producing enough HCG yet.


I was on day 28 of my cycle when I found out I was pregnant with Isla. This is only day 26. We’ll know by tonight. Either way, I’ll be happy because the next cycle will be our planned TTC cycle.

In other news, I started up my own Etsy shop. But within 24 hours, it got suspended. I’m unsure why. I didn’t get any email explaining their reasoning for suspending me. So, I’m gonna check out how to sale on here if I can’t get it fixed. So, expect something about that soon.

Ok, ta-ta for now. I’ll jump back on with an update if the witch shows up.

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