13dpo: No Period

I’m about two days late now. I went to the OBGYN and had a terrible experience. I was so mad by the time I left that I cried. I don’t really want to get into it, but I’ll give you the basic gist:

She acted like I knew nothing about my own body or the female reproductive system. Also, she forgot that I was even a patient of hers. I’m pretty sure she never even looked at my chart.

Ok, the pee test came back negative, which I assumed it would. I got a blood test, and I’ll get those results tomorrow. I’m really nervous about the whole thing. I’m so afraid I can’t carry….not that my OBGYN cares. I hope it’s a positive, and that it’s healthy. I want to say I would be relieved if it’s negative, but then that would mean more questions.

Anyways….I’m feeling quite awful now. Everything sucks. Can’t even sell on Etsy.

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