14dpo: Not Ok

I’m now 3 days late. my blood test said my HCG was 2. So that’s a super negative. What gives?? Where’s my period??

I read about “Cryptic Pregnancies” and wondered. I hate jumping to new ideas. I spiral and overthink. Something is off. I hate it. I deleted all the information places. No more Facebook groups. No more tracking via an app. I’m just going to simply put in my calendar when Mother Nature visits.

My Etsy Shop is now back up!!! That makes me so happy! Y’all have no idea! I’m gonna work hard on that this weekend, I think. If I have time.

I feel very overwhelmed and I’m pretty sure I’m in a state of anxiety right now. So….yeah. I’m gonna go and hope I have a good rest of the day. I hope you do too!

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