We Did It!

I know I was going to give my big news to my readers as soon as I knew, but I got kind of scared of jinxing anything. But! I’m now in my second trimester and very very confident!! I can feel baby fluttering around and it makes things feel so much more secure.

Oh, I had a terrible first trimester. I was sick as a dog pretty much the whole time. It’s honestly hard to believe that I was feeling that bad since I’m feeling so much better (despite the current small pregnancy cold that just came about. At least I don’t want to puke my guts out 🥴).

I have so the registry all set up and ready to go. Is it rude or something to post it on here? I don’t think I will for good etiquette unless otherwise asked.

Daniel and I got a new car this past week! We got a really good deal on it! It’s a beauty! We’ve been looking into getting a new vehicle for a while now, especially with the baby on the way.

Some 2022 thoughts…

Ya’ll remember learning about 1920 flappers? It doesn’t seem so long ago, but I guess when you get older, you realize 100 years really isn’t that long.

I started college in the fall of 2016. It has been quite a journey. Longer than I expected. 6 years for a BA. Seems pathetic….but I have to remind myself that I have an associate’s and a minor to show for it as well. 6 years. Will I get a master’s? HA, maybe one day, but I think I’m going to focus on my life first. My projects too.

I started an Etsy Shop that I’ve yet to promote because I’m not ready to share the shop big time until we get more things going on on it. I need to probably bite the bullet and just freakin advertise it….but I’m so scared it’s not ready. It’s a baby…I want to focus on THAT the most. And then this silly website!

I came onto WordPress hoping to be a blogger. I am a blogger, sure, but not to the extent that I wanted. I wish to share so much, but I also don’t feel like I can, but maybe as I focus on my Etsy Shop I can slowly change the website to a planner-type website. That’s what the shop is…for journalers and planners. Uh…here, I’ll link it. If you buy something…PLEASE leave feedback and a positive rating (ratings mean everything on shops)!

The PLanner Hoarders <<—-The link to my Etsy Shop

I also have my Youtube channel. I’ve never been serious about making it on Youtube, but I did start a vlog on there. I need to update and continue vlogging things. I just love vlogging. Not in the same way as Blogging, but just posting life so Isla or whoever can go back and see everything. I started the channel in 2016 to help me cope with some hard things that happened in my life, and to kinda document my life through college. But college got difficult and my mind needed to focus on my priorities more than pleasure. Maybe I can at least vlog a lot this semester and end the channel in May when I graduate.

So 2022 goals?


*Get my Etsy shop popppin’

*Be more active on MomLifeAndBeyond.

*start a new YouTube era

Cheers to the new year!

have a happy and healthy new year

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