Why Do I Smell So Good?

Seriously. Why, though?

Hello, friends! Another phone post as I rock baby to sleep after a very rough day. As the days go by with a newborn, one has to remember that it takes time to figure out what baby likes and what calms them down.

Joseph likes to be held. This is the only way bub will fall asleep. It doesn’t take long. Unless, of course, it’s me.

I’m fine

If anyone else rocks this sweet babe to sleep then put him down, I have earned myself at least 3 hours of autonomy! But me? Nah. He can smell me. If I put him down in his deepest sleep, he knows, and those eyes pop back open like a can of biscuits. I think it’s because he smells me, and he just loves mommy’s smell. Flattering, but I really need to pee sometimes… and chores get left in the building dust. So I tried a few things that can help a momma out.

Baby wearing: ah yes. The magic of baby wearing. I did this with my daughter and it was nice. Baby wearing with Joseph? Not so nice. It works. I get my hands free, he goes quiet and goes to sleep….BUT ITS SUMMERTIME. I had Isla in the beginning of winter, so the 4th trimester was easy peasy for cuddles. This heatwave that’s affecting all of us is unforgiving.

The energy company has raised prices. Daniel was already conservative with our air conditioning usage, but now…it stays nearly 80 in our house. 🥵 I can’t baby wear in this heat. We start sweating in minutes. Heck, I can’t even wear a shirt in our house.

Ok, so the next tactic was purely found by no choice. Daniel works from home. On days he has meetings, I pack the kids up and we go to someone else’s house. These someone’s are able to hold Joseph for me and boom, I have time to go run errands and/or shower! And magically, these people are able to place Joseph down without him waking up. He’ll sleep through his whole nap!!

So yeah, this past week, I’ve been away from home so I can feel more myself. I even found some new pajamas!

Behold the sparkly pandicorn PJs

Today, I did not go anywhere so I could do chores around the house. I regret this fully. Joseph has not slept a wink (except as I type this because he’s on my chest) and has cried every second his body was not on mine. But I have loads of loads of laundry to get done, cleaning to do, and other various things that will require me to leave the house. Only about 15 minutes spurts here and there have happened. I have gotten the bed washed and made, so at least we have a clean place to sleep now.

The house is chaos, and my OCD (actually diagnosed so don’t come at me) brain is unhinging in this house. I’m stressed just being here and I need some sort of order to the chaos. Daniel is great…on the weekends, but weekends are the only time I get him, and lately I don’t get him because he’s doing chores. I want to take the load off so we can have time together…

Tomorrow, I’ll be going back to my mom’s house. Maybe I can come back home in 2 hours intervals and get some things done.

Shall we talk about this heat? I want to go for a run or a walk even. A stroll with Joseph would be cool. But the UV index be rough. I don’t think there’s any beating the heat this summer.

The last thing I want to say before I end this post…I want to get back into capturing photos that I love. I think I’ll whip my camera out and start practicing again. It’s been a few years…but maybe this blog can start having real photos instead of stock ones! more crisp than this post 💁🏻‍♀️


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