Update: I Lied

Apparently it hit me today instead. My arms are in too much pain to lift things. On the bright side, it’s just my arms. Hopefully it’s not my shoulders acting up again. That won’t be any good. I was enjoying feeling normal.

Diary Entry: Bloated

I know bloated is the last thing anyone wants to hear anyone talk about. But I am sooooo bloated today. Today is the first day I haven’t exercised.

The last two days I had added some more exercises into my routine. The first day I felt no pain. That was odd considering I haven’t worked those muscles like that in awhile. So yesterday I decided to try doing everything one step up. 20 reps instead of 10. So I prepared for today to be an off day for recovery sake. But believe or not, the pain is very very mild. Normally I’m dead on recovery days. Over exerting myself really destroys me. I get physically ill. I get small fevers and feel like I have the flu. But the next day I’ll be all better. It’s really odd. But today I felt good. Just a little tired.

Maybe staying consistent is helping my body realize that everything is ok.

Starting tomorrow I’ll need to go up on my weights. I’m not such a weakling anymore. I’ll be doing 4lbs! Or 5lbs? I’m not sure if 4lbs is a thing. I suppose I’ll find out tomorrow when I go get the weights.

Oh! Bloated, right.

Yeah, I guess my body is having some issues with adjusting to eating more than usual, and, today, being stagnant. Despite gaining a couple of pounds (according to the doctor scale, none), I haven’t been feeling terribly unconfident like I usually would. I can tell the flabby mass is not as flabby, so my clothes feel more comfortable.

Except jeans. They feel smaller on me. And I’m not sure if it’s because I basically wore leggings and dresses for the past several months or what….but they make me want to burn them. Jeans are the devil in clothes form. I used to think I rocked them, until I liked dresses more. Now I think I look funny in the devilish things.

Good thing it’s shorts weather though!

And walking/running weather!

I can sweat all day and it’s ok.

Unless I forget my water bottle. It be hella hot out there 🔥

Update: Comfort Weight

It has been a couple of weeks since I updated on my wait. It hasn’t changed much, but some other things did. Due to health reasons, I had to start eating more than 1k calories a day as recommended by my doctor. My weight was fine, but my nutrients wasn’t enough for certain chemicals in my body to produce the right chemicals for other things. I would explain more, but it’s a bit TMI and involves female bits that I’m not incredibly ok with talking about publicly.

My extremely low vitamin D is also going to play a role on my eating habits. I’m gonna start eating more things with high amounts of vitamin D in it, along with less gluten. And I’ll be exercising more.

Gonna be honest, I’m not looking forward for this change, but I think it’ll be for the best for my mental and physical health! HEALTH!! I’ll probably end up:



Arm strengthening





Anything that causes me to move more often. I used to be very active, but I have gotten out of the habit after getting into university. I suppose all the work that goes into studying and homework causes that Freshmen 15! I’ll have to somehow incorporate Isla in all this moving since I won’t have daycare during the summer. I might need to have Nathan keep Isla everyday he’s off so I don’t go crazy.

Update: Comfort Weight

Alright!! I’m apparently down 10lbs now! I feel uncertain about it…because I don’t feel much smaller. I can’t tell if my new scale is just trying to make me feel good. It says I weigh 124 pounds. I tested with my feline, Espurr, who is about 6 or 7 pounds. Sure enough the scale read 7ish 8ish pounds. And to double make sure I got Isla, who isn’t exactly 40 pounds yet, to get on it. And sure enough, 38ish pounds.

So yay!! I did it! 🎉😺

How long did that take? Two months? It wasn’t even that much of a struggle. But it seemed forever! It’s crazy how losing weight can seem so hard when it really isn’t that bad.

I feel like most the weight I lost was in my upper back and waist and only a little in the tummy. In the before picture you can actually tell I had been working out for a few weeks before the picture, but. The weight was still there. Now, I haven’t exercised much at all.

The only working out I did was what I have been ordered to do from my doctor for my shoulders. All I did was count my calories!

Got the New Scale

This is interesting. After several tests of Daniel and I weighing ourselves, this new scale has told me that I weigh 126lbs.

I weighed last night before bed and got 129lbs. This 3lbs difference is accurate with weight falling and rising throughout the day, and it makes me feel so much better about my progress.

The Scale

My scale is broken. I think.

In the morning I’ll weigh myself about 4 times just to have a more accurate average. I’ll be 129. Then 132 the next three. Then in the evening I’ll weigh myself and be 132…even after meals. If I know anything about weight it’s that that is not accurate at all. It has been doing this sinse I changed the batteries (it died before I left for AR). So I think it’s time to get a new one.

Obviously, the scale is near my weight, which is good, but I would like a more accurate reading. I’ve been kinda off my diet, but I’ve been so sure I’ve been eating correctly. If I gained 3lbs… wouldn’t I at least be 135 at night? Especially after eating? That’s what it usually did before the batteries died….idk. Maybe I’m slacking 😂 If I am, I’m not too worried. Like I said, I’m just more comfortable at a smaller weight, but I don’t have to be there. I think my size now is ok too.

We will see, though. I ordered the scale already. A mechanical one! Because I can at least then know if it’s off. And I’ve had this scale for 3 years. So I’m sure it’s on its last limb.

Update on Comfort Weight 3/29

Guys, I haven’t gotten anywhere. I’m at 129 and I’m eating like a monster. I think going to Arkansas messed up my rhythm. First, birthday goodies, then vacation goods. 😋

I’ll be getting back into my rhythm this weekend! Also! I am going to be posting all about my trip later today and catching up on everything!

I’m excited to be back! Though, I do wish I could be back while still at Lake Ouachita…

Update: Comfort Weight 3/22

The cake hasn’t gotten to me, guys! I ate a lot of cake and food! I had lost a pound but I ended up gaining it back! I’m still at 129! But birthday cake…

I’ll get my act together this week! I’m going on a school trip to Arkansas. So I won’t be too in charge of my foods, but I will be very active!

With reading and doing school work this week I haven’t been able to move much. I cannot wait to be away from home for a little while.