Update: Comfort Weight 3/15

It’s been another week, and I was certain to not see any results.

Alas, one more pound has been defeated. Momma is back in the 120’s! 129lbs!!

I’m quite impressed that I haven’t gotten a steady weight yet! As much junk as I’ve been eating….

But it’s true:

calories in < calories out = weight loss

I’ve been wondering if after I reach 125 if I’ll want to continue counting calories and if I’ll gain weight back.

Counting calories has gotten way easier now. I pretty much know what foods are high in calories and don’t leave me feeling full or satisfied. For example, cereal has me hungry again an hour later. Unlike cheese and salami that keeps me full for hours.

I think the challenge of keeping my calories below a certain point is kinda fun.

Well, that’s it for this update!

Update: Comfort Weight 3/8

Good morning from Louisiana. So this past week was a little harder for me, because I’ve been craving sweets like Cookie Monster. I’ve been eating out a lot too. It’s been a hectic eating week?

Surprisingly, I managed to drop to 130 lbs even. That’s 2lbs less this week! I did have to fast for Ash Wednesday, so I won’t be surprised if I stay at 130 for the next week.

But yeah! There’s no much else to say! I met my first milestone! 5lbs down! 5 more to go till I’m 10 down! Then I’ll post the next set of pictures!

Don’t these look so delicious!

Update: Comfort Weight

Hello and good morning from my side of the world!

This is the Friday update of my weekly blog on comfort weight! If you haven’t read that blog, I suggest you start there!

I was a little down in the dumps this week with trying to lose weight, because I didn’t seem to be losing anything following the MyFittnessPal recommended calorie intake. So, I tweaked it a little. I decided to change my slightly active lifestyle down to not active…even though I consider myself way more active than the normal southern American, maybe they’re talking about the average New Yorker.

This took my calorie count from 1300 to 1200. Ok so I need to cut 100 calories out of my diet. No biggie. I also decided why not do 2lbs a week instead of one. This way I make up for the lack of losing weight.

On MyFittnessPal they will not let the calorie count go below 1200 calories a day, because they don’t want to be responsible for any health problems associated with not eating enough calories. I know that I must eat less than 1200 calories to lose 2lbs a week. I’m not highly interested in losing weight that incredibly fast, I just wanted to catch up to where I should have been.

This morning I weighed 133.8. Haha! I’ll take the 1.2lb difference! I changed the plan about 2 days ago, so I think this is the right track to follow.

LISTEN: The only reason I’m ok with eating less than 1200 calories a day is because I’m a very petite person. If you’re taller than 5’2, please don’t follow my lead…the average female needs about 2000 calories a day. I’m not on top of that parabola by no means.

I’m not going to post pictures today. Or any time soon. It takes losing 10lbs for weight loss to become noticeable. When I reach 125, I’ll be sure to post progress pictures. Hopefully, I don’t lose track of this journey along the way!

If you’re interested in what I’ve been eating:

I’ve been drinking a lot more fluids because of a cold I picked up this week. I don’t drink sodas or sweet teas. I like herbal and unsweetened teas and mixing a little Simply Lemonade with water (1:3 usually). I drink some water plain as well, but I like to stay away from drinking water without substance. I find drinking water by itself really hurts my body in ways I’ll describe another day. If water doesn’t affect you then I’d suggest just drinking water and herbal teas and cutting out every sugary drink.

I’ve stopped eating chips. I’m a big sucker for chips and dip. And I’m not going to deprive myself from chips and dip. But I do love chips. So they’re gone unless I make it a small meal on their own, such as nachos.

Sweets have been taken out almost completely. I give myself one day a week to splurge on my sugary friends. That was yesterday for me. And fun fact, yesterday I weighed 130.4 before eating all the goodies.

And cooking. I’m cooking more often and saving left overs in single serving containers. Of course over the week my serving size has gone down due to the tweaking.

Any other questions, just ask!

Comfort Weight

I’m not exactly sure what the definition of comfort weight is universally, but for me it’s when I get happy and lazy.

When Daniel and I began dating almost two years ago, I weighed about 10lbs less than I do now. Even though I’m still technically BMI fine, I’m borderline not.

BMI is that Body Mass Index that gives you an idea of your ideal weight for your height. And just because you weigh borderline to the overweight section doesn’t mean you’re actually approaching overweight. That’s one thing a definitely despise about that stupid BMI scale. It’s only an idea, but visually it can be stressful.

I’ve recently decided to begin losing weight and being a bit healthier. Ok…recently decided is a bit of a stretch. I admit, I always want to lose weight. It’s a problem of mine…but this time I’m so serious that I got the MyFitnessPal app and have been doing workouts from YouTube as much as I can between mothering and school work, and more recently, blogging.

I’m going to update my weight loss journey on here and let everyone know what I’m doing to help me get into shape. I’m a no-bs kinda gal when it comes to health, so I’ll talk about all the hard hunger hardships and such. A truth weight loss, so to say.

So what’s my goal? 118lbs! And realistically, I don’t expect to be here in a few months. That’s about 17lbs from where I’m at now. That’s a lot to lose considering I’m not that big now. The smaller you are, the slower weight loss becomes. That’s because you don’t have a lot to lose.

I also realize that changing up my lifestyle to lose this weight needs to be permanent in order to keep the weight off. This is a big mistake people make when going on a “diet”. You don’t go on a diet, you change your diet. I normally say “I’m changing my eating habits” because that word diet has lost its meaning when it comes to losing weight and being healthier.

I guess I need a picture to show my 5’2 135lbs self.

Don’t mind the stretch marks, I was pregnant once! 🐯

I chose these clothes because the sports bra used to fit pretty decently but now it squeezes too uncomfortably. And these sports shorts always squeeze, so you can see my love handles pretty well.

I’ll stay consistent to the clothes and poses. I don’t like when people have lost weight in a small amount of time but they’re wearing different clothes and/or doing posses that obviously make them look smaller in the after picture…or bigger in the before pictures.

Alright! I’ll keep ya updated! Stay tuned. I’ll update every Friday about it!