This Year Should Fly By

I cannot believe this. I am almost finished with school. While I didn't end up as the meteorologist I set out to be, I am quite happy with where my college journey has taken me. I remember weeks of being stressed up over math and chemistry, and now those are things of the past. I … Continue reading This Year Should Fly By


March is my favorite month! Maybe I'm biased because it's my birthday month, but I can argue there are other reasons too. Like the wind! Gosh, doesn't the wind just feel so wonderful when it isn't ice cold? It engulfs me in some weird magical feeling. And the blooms. You start to see blooms. At … Continue reading March


I have always been a big big fan of the Hygge lifestyle. I try to mix it in with a little minimalism. I used to be a huge advocate of the minimalistic lifestyle in my younger twenties. But I could never QUITE feel comfortable with going all out. And believe it or not, I figured … Continue reading Hygge