Tuesday Exercise

Beginning our walk, or Isla’s biking, we have to prepare by putting on clothes that allow great breathability, and then wash our faces, to keep those pores clean (I will never understand people who put makeup on to work out – isnt that bad for your skin?!), put a ponytail holder in Isla’s head, as much as she hates me for it, and fill up some water bottles for the hot humid terrain waiting ahead of us.Hopefully this time, the place isn’t flooded like it was last time.It has been raining so much. The river is so flippen high. But I think we get a good amount of dry weather this week. Yay!

Lola Roux

Mom started a business, and now it’s starting to pop. This is Mom’s second business, and hopefully she has enough time to get it going well. I plan to be helping out quite a bit. I’m very excited! I haven’t done much work yet. I did, however, create the Instagram and website page. I’m also now in charge of these things in anyway Mom suggest! I’m quite proud of my work. If you’re curious, I wouldn’t if you go check them out! I’m pretty sure it’s all local right now, so I apologize if you’re interested in buying anything. But if you want to support my mom in any way, please visit her tattoo shop on Etsy! There, she delivers to everyone!

Mom’s super cute unicorn bath bombs!
-They’re my favorite-

The Journey Begins

Good afternoon (or whatever time it is when you’re reading this), welcome to momlifeandbeyond, where I’ll be talking about the mom life and beyond. I’m excited to be sharing my life with you, reader! I almost want to use exclamation marks behind every sentence.

My family is very important to me, as it is with many of us, and I want to share some experiences with some of you who may need to hear a different kind of story.

I have a four year old Daughter named Isla Rose and a wonderful boyfriend named Daniel. Isla’s daddy, Nathan, and I separated about three years ago.

Back when Nathan broke my heart in 2016, I felt like I was crumbling. I had a one year old and no place to go. A co-worker took us in. I had too much time to think about what I did wrong, and pity myself to bits. I never wanted to be a single mom, and I never saw myself being one.

Just like fire, the tension died about a month later. Nathan and I made up, but I had my reasons for not going back to him. Still, we remained friends. I found that I wasn’t a single mom, just a mom in an unlikely situation.

When I met Daniel, all the missing pieces from my life rolled in like thunder. That might be a bit dramatic…but…we clicked in all the right ways. I’ve never felt happier sharing my life with someone. He helps me a lot with Isla.

That’s it. That’s the bases that builds up my little family and the journey that Daniel and I are going through.

….and because I actually really like this quote and picture, here ya go!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton