Paranormal Investigation

This isn’t something you would expect me to talk about on the Saturday before Easter, but here it is.

I’m going on a paranormal investigation tonight! I told you I like the spooky things. I may have mentioned before that it is our school’s science club going. Our logo is “We’ll try anything once.” Is paranormal investigating scientific? Maybe. If it’s done in a scientific way.

We’re going to an old place in Shreveport, LA. I’ll give out more deets about the place once the investigation is over.

I’m excited because this is the first official investigation I’ve been on that is with a legit team with scientific instruments. I used to do my own investigations with a few friends with just an emf reader and ghost box, but since I became Catholic I’ve been a little weary of the paranormal. I can’t wait to see how tonight goes!

I Cut My Hair

I haven’t been feeling my hair since the last time I cut it. I cut it to be slightly shorter in the back and longer in the front and still below my shoulders. It wasn’t exactly appealing… because I also didn’t want layers. I like no layers in full long hair, but shaped? Negative. It was a job well done, just not as pretty as I thought.

It’s been a couple months since then. I was waiting for it to grow out some before determining if it needed butchering it again.

And it did.

So, after I dropped Isla off at daycare, I cut my hair.

Yes, I cut my hair like a hooligan because I have deep anxieties about going to a professional. Every time I pay money for my hair to get did it ends up looking like complete poop. And I must say, since doing my own hair…I haven’t complained. Except this time.

What the hockey sticks did I do to my beautiful auburn mane! I didn’t panic. I want my hair short, so if this means chopping it all off… I’m ok with it.

But I did call my mom to tell her. And f she could help. She told me wash it and see if it looks better, because sometimes that’s all you need to do. She has a point.

🧖🏻‍♀️ So I washed my hair. Then I blow dried it.

Just want to say this….my hair is rockin!!! I did nothing but make my mane a beautiful crown! 👑

Lola Roux

Mom started a business, and now it’s starting to pop. This is Mom’s second business, and hopefully she has enough time to get it going well. I plan to be helping out quite a bit. I’m very excited! I haven’t done much work yet. I did, however, create the Instagram and website page. I’m also now in charge of these things in anyway Mom suggest! I’m quite proud of my work. If you’re curious, I wouldn’t if you go check them out! I’m pretty sure it’s all local right now, so I apologize if you’re interested in buying anything. But if you want to support my mom in any way, please visit her tattoo shop on Etsy! There, she delivers to everyone!

Mom’s super cute unicorn bath bombs!
-They’re my favorite-


Today was quite productive for me. I managed to finish half of my homework. The last two things can be done once Isla goes to bed tonight. I’m glad I get this weekend for myself. It’s Nathan’s weekend.

With this library science class, I think I can officially say that this class is a poor example of true library science. It’s basically a class that makes future teachers practice writing lesson plans for book projects. One of my best friends is about to graduate in Library Science from another school. She says they have never written lesson plans and questioned why a librarian would even need to know that. I will not be taking another library course at this university, especially with lousy professors like this.

In Programming we have been working with Python. This past week we moved on to Java. I kinda like Java a little more than Python, but that may be because I learned so much using Python that I now know what to expect in terms of thinking logically about code.

Daniel says he’s going to be studying some code for his work this weekend. He does coding for a living, and he says he’ll be getting introduced to a new programming language Monday and wants to make sure he doesn’t go into it useless. So, we probably won’t do anything too exciting.

Maybe I can finally do another Deacon video! I like doing those. They’re fun and relaxing for me.

Update: I Got a Logo!

I’m excited to see that I made a logo using canvas! I’m so proud of the way it looks, even if it is quite ordinary. I think it reflects my blog quite well!

Oh! And I want to give a great shout to Fauxcroft for all the likes today!! ♥

And another notice goes to my handsome man, Daniel, for editing all my blog posts in his free time!

Update: Ar-Kansas

Hey! I haven’t gone away, just to a place with little signal. I’m with a school group in Arkansas. We’re currently tracing to go dig up some stuff – cause science.

While I’m in the vehicle, I might as well blog. I can’t promise this blog will be without typos, because 1. I’m not going to checking my work. 2. Even when I check my work I still look over typos. So please bare with me.

Hopefully I won’t have much school work to do this week. Which means a can blog as I normally do. Sporadically, but at least three times a week.

We were told we would have WiFi, but because we have no signal, we can’t connect to anything unless we’re outside. Maybe I’ll have a couple of free hours to get on my Chromebook and get a more serious post up here and read most of your posts!

Update: Harry Potter Assignment

I’ve been working all week on an assignment on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I had to compare the movie to the book by answering 6 questions in paragraph form. Create a lesson plan. Then come up with four questions of my own for students to answer that followed a 9th grade core curriculum. I had to answer those questions as well.

I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but with being sick and dealing with Isla I have literally drained every ounce of my being this week.

Needless to say, I spent everyday working on perfecting this assignment and I’m still not done. I’m thanking past me for having read the book at least four times and watching the movie at least ten.

Update: Busy Mom

I’ve been out of it lately and slightly sick with the crud. I won’t have a 100 Baby Challenge up because this cold I have makes me sound awful and has me sleeping a lot.

Isla went to her first soccer practice yesterday. That was fun. I’ll have to talk more about that when I get a chance to sit down and write a lot.

I’m in my car about to walk to programming class. Sniffling. Wishing I could be at home in bed. The whole right side of my face feels like someone pumped a lot of fluid into it.

It seems like every time I go to programming class it’s raining. It’s been raining so much.

And now there’s pollen all over the place.

Rain and pollen 😭

The reasons for my face feeling like it’s in a small box.

Will I survive this spring?

Tune in next time….