The Big 5

My baby is turning 5 years old tomorrow!

Isla Rose at 3 months

She’s still so young, but it is so amazing to me that 5 years has gone. I wouldn’t say fast, that seems too cliche. Plus, those toddler years were not quick at all, but they were quick enough. I’m honestly not looking forward to the days where we begin to grow apart. For instance, when she wants to go be with her friends or be with a crush more than family.

When I think about that, I begin to think that maybe I don’t spend enough time with her now. I know that is quite irrational, I’m with her when I can, and not with her so she can grow. Which may sound weird to homeschooling or stay-at-home moms. She is always with family. And unlike me, she is so extroverted and LOVES being around the people she loves. I never have to worry about her being scarred and unable to be comforted by me. She is so confident.

Who would have known that that tiny baby girl in my arms in January 2015 would grow into this strong, confident, extroverted child.

Diary Entry: Holiday Birthday Struggle

The hard thing about having a Holiday birthday is that normally people can’t hang out…at least from what I’ve heard.

I was born the day before St. Patrick’s Day. Growing up, this never affected anything when it came to celebrating my birthday with friends. Then I grew up. Who would guess the national Irish-American drinking day would really mess with my ability to have a nice party to celebrate the day of my birth with friends.

In the beginning, after Nathan left, going out to the town’s most popular Irish pub for my birthday was amazing. I pretended everyone was there to celebrate me. To make it even better, I’m an auburn, green eyed, pale skin, Irish girl. It’s my birthday, and we’re celebrating my heritage? Ok!

Then I settled down with Daniel. The idea of drinking endless amounts of free shots and a Guinness or two all night did not seem as appealing to me anymore. I do still love going to the Irish pub and getting myself a Guinness every now and again, but on my birthday, now, I would rather be at home or somewhere other than a bar. That was a birthday social sacrifice I didn’t realize I was making. I now see the truth. I now feel the holiday birthday struggle.

No one wants to come hang out with me on my birthday, they want me to come hang out with them. At the bar. Getting drunk. With no idea what the real importance of St. Patrick’s Day means to the Catholics, especially the Irish Catholics. I’m guilty of the celebration, but really it was for myself.

I would rather go on a hiking trip, or stay at home and drink a few brewskies with some close friends and hang out. If friends were willing to not go out on my birthday maybe I could.

I refuse to celebrate my birthday on another day, though.

Thank Goodness I have Daniel. He doesn’t like to go out much either. He took me out to eat got me a present I really wanted (instead of a shot), and spent the day letting me have my way.

Oh, and my roommate made me this awesome cake that I love so much!