I Got My Break

I have been Isla free for almost 7 days. Granted, this mini mom vacay was brought in part by it being Nathan’s weekend and my wisdom tooth being pulled out and being doped up on pain pills for the two days Isla was supposed to be home with me.

The break has been nice. Two days of it were spent sleeping and some weird state of hungover/high that I was very fund of. Those pain pills made me feel so nauseous, but better nauseous than in pain, amma rite? Daniel spent those two day with me, taking care of me when I couldn’t function properly and giving me company where company was needed (And for me that is quite often from him. I enjoy his company, what can I say?).

On the fourth of July, we binged on Stranger Things 3. I could eat normal food by this point, so I had Daniel get me the best of the best from Taco Bell (which for me is the Gordita Crunch with chicken instead of beef and those nacho fries, omager yum!). It hurt a little to eat them, but you know what… WORTH IT!

Yesterday we created a Ghoul Gang to explore the old E.A. Conway Hospital that is supposedly haunted. Evidence was very slim, but we did make it out with a picture that is questionable. It’ll be the next discussion on the podcast, so if you wanna hear about that eperience, I suggest you look out for the podcast (which you follow the link at the top of tha page titled HWY16 Podcast) because we would love to have your ear!

Today is a chill day, and tomorrow is Mass and grocery shopping. Then mom life returns to normal again. Until school begins, anyways.

Diary Entry: Memphis, Tennessee

Daniel and I joined Nick and Lara yesterday – today in Memphis.

Daniel and I carpooled with them.

I have never been to Memphis, so I was pretty thrilled! Our plan was to go to the zoo today and hang out in Memphis last night. We only live about 5 hours away. Only about 30 minutes longer than Dallas and about the same as NOLA. I don’t know why I’ve been to Dallas and NOLA so much and never Memphis.

We stayed in this nice hostel located in a church in the center of a busy area, which was very convenient. It was one room with two bunk beds for us. It was kind of a communal bathroom. Kind of. One side had 4 or 5 private bathrooms, and the other side was shared. I stuck with the private bathrooms.

We went to this great coffee shop that had a pistachio frappe. Pistachio is one of my favorite flavors of anything. Why is pistachio such a good dessert!! We sipped on our drinks and played chess for a little bit before going to get some BBQ at Central BBQ.

This is when my nerd luck came out. I had apparently touched something I am allergic to in the coffee shop. I’m not allergic to anything that I know of except lobster. My left hand broke into a hivey rash. But once we got to Central BBQ, I washed my hand off and the hives went away.

We then went to play putt-putt, then some ping pong at this club/bar/hangout that was really cool! It was for people over 21. They had a volleyball court, ping pong, beer pong, and an outside band area, etc. I enjoyed ping pong until I slid into a step up and peeled my toenail back. Then my legs freaked out and broke into a very itchy rash.

So Daniel and I went back to the hostel because I sucked.

This morning, we woke up and went to the zoo! We got there around 10. I have never been in such a big zoo! It was basically a rideless themepark!

I finally got to see pandas and penguins!! And we also saw jaguars make love lol.

Pandas are interesting bears! They sit so funny! The eat and sleep. I can respect that.

We spent 5 hours at the zoo. Now we’re finally on our way back home. It was a great time for sure!

Memphis is a cool city! It has that small town vibe, but it’s big and has lots to do. A better version of Austin. In a way. Austin has it’s perks. Basically, I could live in both those cities and love it always, if I was into leaving home.

I thought about how home is only a short ways away from several big cities. And I like that. I prefer that. I can visit Dallas, Shreveport, Memphis, Little Rock, NOLA, Jackson in a day. And that’s amazing, isn’t it?