I Got My Break

I have been Isla free for almost 7 days. Granted, this mini mom vacay was brought in part by it being Nathan’s weekend and my wisdom tooth being pulled out and being doped up on pain pills for the two days Isla was supposed to be home with me.

The break has been nice. Two days of it were spent sleeping and some weird state of hungover/high that I was very fund of. Those pain pills made me feel so nauseous, but better nauseous than in pain, amma rite? Daniel spent those two day with me, taking care of me when I couldn’t function properly and giving me company where company was needed (And for me that is quite often from him. I enjoy his company, what can I say?).

On the fourth of July, we binged on Stranger Things 3. I could eat normal food by this point, so I had Daniel get me the best of the best from Taco Bell (which for me is the Gordita Crunch with chicken instead of beef and those nacho fries, omager yum!). It hurt a little to eat them, but you know what… WORTH IT!

Yesterday we created a Ghoul Gang to explore the old E.A. Conway Hospital that is supposedly haunted. Evidence was very slim, but we did make it out with a picture that is questionable. It’ll be the next discussion on the podcast, so if you wanna hear about that eperience, I suggest you look out for the podcast (which you follow the link at the top of tha page titled HWY16 Podcast) because we would love to have your ear!

Today is a chill day, and tomorrow is Mass and grocery shopping. Then mom life returns to normal again. Until school begins, anyways.

Diary Entry: Bridget and I Went to Crossett for Research for HWY16

Every town has it’s myths, and Crossett, AR has a big one. The Crossett light is an alluring willow of the wisp that appears down an old dirt road in Ashley County Arkansas, causing light traffic to kick up dust in hopes of seeing the ghost light.

Bridget and I decided to head that way and discover all that we could about the ghost light that we have both personally seen.

Our first destination was the Crossett Library, where we found history to begin our search on understanding the mysterious light a little more.

According to the book Tent City: A History of Crossett Arkansas by John W. Buckner, this light is a romantic device to hurry along the long search to find one’s soulmate. It all began with Rose Marie and David (last names unknown) who fell in love and moved into a house beside the old railroad tracks. This railroad was apparently a huge part of their romance, because David quit his great job at the mill to work for the railroad.

Because his house was right off the tracks, he would just jump off the caboose and greet his wife, who, no matter what time or weather, would be waiting for him to jump off the train. Well, one late night, the train was incredibly late and David dropped his lantern and had to jump off blind. He lost his footing and boom, head gone, right in front of Rose Marie.

She screamed and ran to his headless body and held him until people showed up. No one could find his head. The funeral was the next day. He was buried in Unity Cemetery. As for Rose Marie, she began searching non stop for his head. Some say it was carried off by a wolf.

In another History of Crossett book by the same author, he tells us how students from Yale University studied the light, but their study came up inconclusive. Some say it was gas from a swamp nearby. Others claim aliens and their UFOs are to blame.

So, we have no last names, but some googling found the name Lochalas. But death records showed no Rose Marie or David Lochalas. So we went to Unity Cemetery to see for ourselves.

At the cemetery we ran into a guy who claimed he lived close to the light and had seen many weird things. This guy told us some crazy stories about camping near the light. He knew the cemetery and said that he didn’t think he could help, but if we find a legit last name then he will look on the list for us. I guess he’s the keeper. He did say the Lochalas family is all up in this place.

Needless to say, we found no evidence of this couple. But, the cemetery was established by the second oldest church in Crossett, thus, many graves are unreadable and some are only marked by stakes or rubble.

From there we made our way to where the light shows up. Only we did so in the daylight. We flew a drone over the area where the house….some house….station? The location is the old Bouvine Station or something. I’m not to sure. The fact that the light has changed locations has made it difficult to know what is so significant about this area.

We found nothing special. No swamps. No crop circles or anything alien suspicious. Just a bunch of woods and overgrown brush.

HWY16 Podcast – Mikayla and Tyler and kinda sorta Bridget explore the Crossett Light

Paranormal Investigation

This isn’t something you would expect me to talk about on the Saturday before Easter, but here it is.

I’m going on a paranormal investigation tonight! I told you I like the spooky things. I may have mentioned before that it is our school’s science club going. Our logo is “We’ll try anything once.” Is paranormal investigating scientific? Maybe. If it’s done in a scientific way.

We’re going to an old place in Shreveport, LA. I’ll give out more deets about the place once the investigation is over.

I’m excited because this is the first official investigation I’ve been on that is with a legit team with scientific instruments. I used to do my own investigations with a few friends with just an emf reader and ghost box, but since I became Catholic I’ve been a little weary of the paranormal. I can’t wait to see how tonight goes!

Diary Entry: A Little Spooky

I had an urge to play with a Ouija Board.

Every now and again, I enjoy doing something spooky. My roommate Bridget likes to participate in spooky adventures with me.

So we set out to borrow a Ouija Board and play. (Will not buy or own)

I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to the boards because the only time the planchette has moved for me is when certain people have had their hands on the board. Coincidence? I don’t believe so. Until it moves for just us, more serious people, it’s just a board with letters.

According to the owner of that board, we needed to go someplace where death has happened. He offered to let us play in his father’s old house where his step-mother died years ago in a house fire. I have been here before when it was a livable place and a couple of times after the fire. This would be my first time going here in a few years.

It was Bridget, Daniel, and me. We made it to the house late last night. The place has been taken over by woods! There isn’t even a backyard anymore like there used to be.

Daniel walking toward the entrance of Spooksville

In the picture, you can see a pathway. This pathway leads to the door. It was once gravel or concrete (I can’t remember) and is under that driveway roof, so the grass hasn’t been able to grow as well in this area. The rest of the place is trees and shrubbery.

When we made it to the porch, we were greeted by a ton of clutter right next to the opened front door. We snake our way inside, me being a baby because I’m afraid of running into raccoons or squatters, and take in our surroundings.

Me frightfully entering the house,
clutching the Ouija Board for dear life.

As one might expect from a place that has been engulfed in flames, there is ash everywhere, being disturbed into the air as we take more and more steps inside. You can see the imprints from where hanging items were once placed. The ceiling had fallen in some places. The air was stiff and silent.

We then set down the board (after Daniel thoroughly checked for snakes) and began to play. This is when all the action happens.

Just kidding.

Nothing happens after 10 minutes or so of asking questions and waiting.

I take that back. We did hear bats. When Daniel made the fair point of “I’m not getting rabies for this” we left.

Needless to say, I still think the board is just a way for liars to prank their gullible friends. At least in my case. I have heard some trustworthy stories about using the board that were pretty frightful.

If anyone has had any experiences with the Ouija Board that is actually believably unbelievable, please feel free to share your story in the comments!


(I have had arguments of…”you’re just not open enough to it” or “maybe that person has something attached to them.” I do believe in spirits, as I have had a lot of things happen to me. But obtaining paranormal proof by purposeful means seems very rare and unpredictable. The only times I have caught the paranormal on film have been NEVER and have not happened when actively trying to communicate through a board.)